Holding a workshop entitled "Scientific Impersonation and Quotation"



Under supervision :-
Mr. / Moawad El Khouly, President of Menoufia University
Mr. Ahmed El Kassed, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research
Mr. Mohamed Tawfiq Shaaban, Dean of the College
Mr. / Amin Al-Adawi Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
Mr. Dr. Al-Asraj Director of the Digital Library
Prof. Hoda Zaki Madi, Director of Library Management at the College

A workshop entitled "Scientific Plagiarism and Quotation" was held today, 2018/4/24, which was given by Mr. Ahmed Mustafa Abdel Rahman Omar,

The workshop was attended by:

Prof. Adel Nassar, Head of Chemistry Department
Prof. Dr. Abdel-Aziz El-Sherbini Professor at the Department of Yatir
Prof. Ibrahim Hajar, Professor, Physics Department
Dr. Yasser Ramah is a professor in physics department
A / Emad Noah General Director of the College
Number of faculty members