An introductory seminar on the initiatives and grants offered by Egypt's Creative Centers

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under the care of :- Mr. Prof. Dr. Adel El-Sayed Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, and Mr. Prof. Nancy Youssef Asaad, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs Today, Monday, 11/16/2020, an introductory seminar was held for the students of the Faculty of Computers and Information, Menoufia University, in the presence of: - Prof. Dr. / Arabi Elsayed Kishk, Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information, Menoufia University Eng. Salah El-Din Soliman, Director of the Egyptian Creative Center in Menoufia Dr. Fayrouz Mahmoud, General Director of the General Administration of Training at NTI in Cairo Eng. Umniah Nour, Training Manager, ITI Branch, Menoufia Eng. Nabil Abdel Aziz, Director of Student Affairs, ITI Branch, Menoufia M / Shaima Al-Sheikh, ITIDA official in Menoufia Eng. Mahmoud Mohamed Saqr, Assistant Lecturer, College Eng. Omar Mohammed Abdullah, NTI Officer in Menoufia Eng. Ahmed Saeed at NTI General Administration of Training in Cairo Eng. Shaima Saad, NTI Training Department, Cairo Mr. Azza Ahmed Al-Khayyat, Acting Secretary of the College Mr. / Nasreen Abdel Hadi, Director of the Youth Welfare Department at the College The meeting dealt with introducing students of the fourth year of the college about the services provided to them by Egypt's creative centers, such as summer training in various technological specialties to refine their skills and develop them to keep pace with the requirements of the local and international labor market, as well as support graduation projects in various fields.