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Announcement of scholarships offered by the University of Cyprus for the year 2021/2022
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The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Nicosia stated that the University of Cyprus offers (10) scholarships for the first university stage, including bearing 50% of university tuition fees in the Greek language, with the exception of the Faculty of Medicine for the year 2021.
Scholarship data:
These scholarships are intended for citizens of countries outside the European Union.
The period of study at the university is (4) years with an average of (8 semesters). His / her scholarship will be terminated and no additional contribution will be made to complete his / her studies.
Scholarship holders must first enroll in the one-year Greek language courses at the Greek Language School of the University of Cyprus (at their own expense) in order to obtain a Certificate of Proficiency in the Greek Language (B2 level) before embarking on their university studies.
For more information regarding the requirements and conditions for admission, you can refer to the following website:
For more details about the application process, you can contact the Department of University Studies and Student Care at +35722894021 or the following email:
Note that the central administration of missions does not bear any expenses for these grants