From     28/01/2021
To     28/01/2021
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Cultural Affairs and Scholarships Sector - Central Department of Scholarships
Announcement of scholarships offered by the Chinese side of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Home Announcements for Scholarships and Grants Announcements for scholarships presented by the Chinese side at the Chinese Academy of Sciences
The Egyptian Cultural Office in Beijing reported that it communicated with the Chinese side, as it explained that the University of Science (UCAS) announced scholarships in the field of science and technology through 18 colleges affiliated with the Academy in the following specializations:
- Nanoscience and Technology - Process Engineering
Medical Materials - Animal Science
Botanical and tropical gardens - Physics
Built Environment - Botany
Geography and natural resources research ... etc.
The deadline for applying is 3/31/2021
All details of the scholarships can be found on the following website:
Note that the missions do not bear any expenses for the implementation of these grants
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