Dean of the Faculty of Science

In preparation for the reception of the University Youth Week,new students and the new year



We are working on a foot and foot in our Faculty of Science to welcome the University Youth Week and the new academic year 2017/2018 and the new students where:

* The information technology unit was assigned to prepare the manual in an electronic form to be presented to the students before the beginning of the academic year on all the websites and their pages

* Prepared by the Department of Youth Welfare at the request of Mr. / Mohamed Tawfiq Shaaban Dean of the Faculty of Science camp with the family of the Jawala to equip and decorate the gates and the entrances of the college media and banners welcome and others

* Mr. Mohamed Tawfiq Shaaban, Dean of the Faculty of Science, thanks all the student entities that are keen to contribute to the activities of the College such as receiving and helping new students and participating in the activities of the University Youth Week, the most important of which is "

* Thanks to students and students (Inception team, Bio club, Chem club, PEG team, Al-Jawalah team, All faculty members in cooperation with the departments of "Education Affairs and Students - Youth Care - Public Relations" )

The administration of the college and all its employees, students and students are always keen to have our interest in the forefront to be upheld for the college and the university under the leadership of its leader Mr. / Dr. Moawad El Kholy, President of Menoufia University.