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The Rector Follow up the latest updates of Corona Virus crisis.

The Rector Follow up the latest updates of Corona Virus crisis.

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Today, Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, held a meeting with members of the Corona Virus Crisis Management Committee, to follow up on the latest developments in the crisis.

The President of the University reviewed the report presented by Dr. Mahmoud Koura, Dean of Medicine, on the number of infected cases from the university’s students so far, cases of home isolation, cases that were transferred to the isolation hospital at the National Liver Institute, the medical and treatment service that was provided for all cases, and follow-up of cases of home isolation under the supervision of a department Family medicine, and the obstacles they faced and were overcome.
Mubarak stressed the importance of following up on infected cases and providing them with all necessary medical care with taking all precautionary and preventive measures to combat the spread of virus infection, and following up the general situation of hospital capabilities and their readiness in the event of increasing infected numbers, directed to present a daily report on their health status.
The President of the University thanked all the medical staff at the university hospitals for their great efforts during the crisis and their bearing all the risks without compromise and cooperation to provide the necessary medical and treatment service to the injured, in addition to enduring the hardship of emergency work on days of the week for all the people of the province and performing their work to the fullest.
Today's meeting was attended by Dr. Nancy Asaad, Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, Accountant Akram Abdel Dayem, Secretary-General of the University, Dr. Mahmoud Koura, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Mohamed Al-Sawi, Executive Director of the University Hospital, Dr. Mohamed Tawfiq, Executive Director of the Liver Institute, Dr. Hazem El-Desouky, Director General of Management Medical, accountant Jalal Abdul Salam, head of the central administration of the university’s president’s office.