From     13/09/2019
To     31/12/2019
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    Symposium on the culture of belief of the Japanese people in a changing world.
    Under the title “Culture of Belief in the Japanese People in a Changing World”, the Department of Philosophy organized an international symposium attended by a delegation from Doshisha University, Japan.
    The delegation included Prof. Dr. Samir Nouh (Professor of Oriental Languages, Doshisha University, Deputy Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Monotheistic Religions in Kyoto); Prof. Dr. Junya Shinohe, Professor of Islamic Law and Arabic grammar, Faculty of Theology, Doshisha University), and Dr. Hiroshi Tone (a university lecturer, Doshisha University).
    The symposium discussed the nature of religious belief in Japanese society, its association with the interrelated beliefs of the Japanese, its concept as an ancient folklore, as well as the meaning and examples of Japan's holy sites. The participants emphasized that religion in Japan represents a culture of life, a culture that absorbs and fits with other religions, beliefs and cultures, and interacts strongly with them without prejudice to identity, to reflect in the end the distinctive behaviors that we see for the Japanese people.