The Department of Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases at Menoufia University Hospitals allocates an emergency number for stroke patients

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Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, confirmed that the university hospitals are keen to provide the best medical service to patients in Menoufia Governorate and the neighboring governorates. The Department of Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases has allocated a 24-hour emergency number to deal with stroke cases.

Dr. Rasha Al-Qabbani, Head of the Department of Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases, indicated that when you notice any of the following symptoms, they are an indication of stroke (brain clots) and its complications, and these symptoms can be shortened to the word (urgent) such as dyslexia or difficulty speaking, mouth deviation, a weak side of the body. Do not hesitate immediately to come to the emergency room of the university hospitals or call the number (01552055773) to coordinate to obtain the clot-busting drug (Actellase), which is given in the first four and a half hours of symptoms appearing. It is worth noting about stroke disease that quick rescue of the injured person in the first hours can save him from complications of the disease or save his life, as stroke ranks first in the causes of disability, and second in death, and every minute the injured person loses 2 million brain cells.