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Menofia University

Al Kholi's participation in the 20th forum post to train Arab students.

Office of Vice President for Education and Student Affairs


Prof, Dr. / Moawad Mohammed Al  Kholi , Vice President for Education and Student Affairs participated in the annual forum at the Arab Forum as a representatives from Menoufia University to provide training opportunities for students of Arab universities in different scientific and humanity disciplines.


 2014 regarding as the 20th forum to exchange the training of the Arab university students at the University of Salah Al Din in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq with the participation of Prof, Dr. / Nasser Hunaiti , director of the Arab Council for the training of Arab university students and more than  hundred  representatives of the Arab universities participating in the forum of university presidents and vice president for Education and students Affairs  from the different  governmental and private Arab Universities .


The forum culminates  the philosophy of the Arab Council in encouraging  the members of the Union  to provide training opportunities for students of Arab universities in various disciplines in preparation for the second goal of the Council which  is to promote the activities of scientific , cultural and artistic students of Arab Universities.



Prof, Dr. / Moawad Mohammed Al Kholi, asserted  that the primary purpose for his  attendance  is  to consolidate the relations of  interdependence and mutual understanding between the various  university students and deepen and strengthen the basic scientific concepts that had been studied by the students at the university and acquiring  the necessary  scientific and field  skills of for the practice of the profession in the future and strengthen the relationship between students of the  various Arab universities and helping  students to find jobs after graduation.


The visit  resulted in obtaining  more than 150 the chance to train in various Arab universities in all disciplines at the universities Sana'a , Taiz , Zammar ,  Ibb , Hodeidah and Aden in Yemen and the University of Nizwa , Oman University and Jordan University and the University of Science and Technology in Jordan and the University of Qadisiyah, Diyala and Baghdad, Iraq and Universities Omdurman and the Nile Valley in Sudan and the Universities of Jerusalem and open Blotkink Palestine, and Menoufia University has awarded more than 150 training opportunities for university students to participate in the Arab forum  .