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Convoys Menoufia University .. 400 responds to the call a remote village in the governorate

Developed integrated convoys at the University of Menoufia management in collaboration with the affairs of the Gaza Community Service and Environmental Development, with nine faculties University (Faculty of Medicine - Nursing - Agriculture - Science - Education - Specific Education - Home Economics - Liver Institute - Arts), a new program integrated remote villages Menofia and in need to raise awareness in various fields ranging from agricultural guidelines, medical, educational, health care and preventive care to maintain an environmental, so as to more than 400 villages lacking such services.

Where recently responded .. convoys Menoufia University to an invitation from the people of the village "Asraoh" of the center Ashmoun after a visit by Dr. Moawad Kholi president of the university - the first of May - during which a graduation projects lose Geography Faculty of Arts Department to restore the village planning urban After 78 years on the last updated. He called on the people of the village where the university president that the various sectors of the university contributes to the development of their village.

The convoy included a delegation from the College of Agriculture and Science .. which agricultural delegation dealing with agricultural problems that are related to crops of summer fruit and Alkhaddrau and how to use pesticides to eliminate insect pests that hinder the quality of production, and also the correct methods to synthesize these crops and ways to store and Tsuekayaa well.

While the delegation touched the Faculty of Science to search in the problems that come behind water pollution, especially after the waters of the Nile have been recently to the problem of phosphate, which contaminated many water stations at the provincial level leak. Where the sample was taken from the village water plant "Asraoh" to analyze the elements by a factor of the Faculty of Science to determine the suitability for human use. The people of the village also called for more awareness of the services offered by the university, especially in the educational and medical field.

The convoy of the supervision of Dr. Atef Abu determined who confirmed that the University will respond to all invitations to them to contribute to the solutions available to the problems that are an obstacle to development projects in villages, through the experiences of university professors in various fields.

Participated in the convoy .. Dr. Mohammed Abu al-Hasan and Director of the Faculty of Science for Community Service and Environmental Development, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Fattah Fathallah Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Ibrahim Darwish Hosseini Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Hassan Mohammed Chaib, Faculty of Science