From     12/09/2019
To     31/12/2019
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A delegation from Doshisha University visited the Faculty of Arts, Menoufia University on November 2, 2016.
The delegation included Prof. Dr. Katsuhiro Kohara (Professor of Systematic Theology, Faculty of Theology, Doshisha University); Prof. Dr. Samir Nouh (Professor of Oriental Languages, Doshisha University, Deputy Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Monotheistic Religions in Kyoto); and Prof. Dr. Junya Shinohe, Professor of Islamic Law and Arabic grammar, Faculty of Theology, Doshisha University).

An extensive symposium was held at the faculty conference hall, where the members of the visiting delegation talked about the activities of CISMOR Center and the concept of religious tolerance in Japan. It was followed by a meeting with members of the Department of Philosophy in the Office of the Head of the Department.
Finally they recived a nicely framed certificates of honor by Prof. Dr. Salah Osman.