Our Vision


The Department of Philosophy Aspires to be a lively center for a rich intellectual, cultural and research productivity, principally in the fields of interdisciplinary humanities and other fields. It seeks to deliver a suitable environment from which bright graduates will be armed with extensive fundamental critical thinking skills, achieve an excellent cross cultural understanding and sensitivity, respect freedom of thought and sustain a positive and confident outlook on the future, together with the promotion of performance skills that enables them to meet the criteria of employment for governmental and civil service and abroad. As well as actively participating in the unceasing cultural blossoming at the highest local, national and international levels of competence.


Our Mission


To fulfill its mission, the department commits itself to providing  a full range of  high quality and constantly assessed academic programs that nurtures cultural perception/sensitivity for all the members and students of the department, and to combine the need to emphasize a strong sense of respect for the rich national  cultural heritage; treasuring our honorable traditional values, in integration with society's modern aspirations  in the vast scope of human thought and experience, while also raising  the community awareness towards the positive outcomes of the pursuit and application of the core fundamentals of critical thinking to their daily life challenges.