Name: Moharm Abdel samia Mohamed Abdel shahid

Age:                                  36yrs

Sex:                                    male

Date of birth:               5/12/1976

Site of birth:                  

                             Egypt – Menoufia – Qwesna

Nationality:                     Egyptian

Marital status:                 Married

Mobile number:           0126353433

E. Mail:           

1ry medical degree:


         M.B.B.Ch (Faculty of medicine – Menoufia University – Egypt)

October 2000


Other degrees:


         Master degree in general surgery (Faculty of Medicine – Menoufia University – Egypt)

April 2005


         M.D Degree in general surgery (Faculty of Medicine – Menoufia University – Egypt)                                             October 2009


Qualifications and jobs:


  1. M.B.B.Ch: December 2000 - very good with honour - faculty of medicine, menoufia university, Egypt.
  2. Training year (House Officer): from 1/3/2001 to 28/2/2002 at the university and ministry of health hospitals.
  3. Period of residency in general surgery department (Resident) from 1/9/2002 to 31/8/2005.
  4. Master degree in general surgery from Menoufia University, faculty of medicine, general surgery department in April 2005 (very good with honour).
  5. Assistant lecturer in general surgery department from 29/12/2005 to 7/2/2010 (Faculty of Medicine – Menoufia University).
  6. Research Visitor to Monklands Hospital-Glasgow:  2008 – 2009 (laparoscopic surgery training).
  7. M.D degree in general surgery from Menoufia University, faculty of medicine, general surgery department: October 2009 (very good with honour).
  8.  Lecturer in general surgery department from 7/2/2010(Faculty of Medicine – Menoufia University).
  9. Medical Director (Moderator) of Emergency Hospital, Menoufia University from 1/2/2011 till now.




         Subject of study for Master degree was under the title of (recent advances in mastalgia) (Oncology) this study discussed mastalgia in different aspects as different forms of breast pain (cyclical, noncyclical, and extra mammary) different theories of causes of breast pain, incidence and prevalence especially in females within child bearing period, different methods of management as physical, psychological support and medical (hormonal and non-hormonal).




         M.D degree thesis is under the title of (recent trends in laparoscopic common bile duct exploration). It tends to clarify some points regarding methods of laparoscopic exploration of common bile duct as trancystic approach and choledochotomy approach, comparison between two methods in time of surgery, failure rate, total hospital stay, peri-operative complications, and time of presentation to resolution.

It is formed of two parts internal part in Egypt and external part in Monklands Hospital, Glasgow under supervision of Mr/ Ahmad Nassar - consultant laparoscopic surgery and senior lecturer in Glasgow University and Monklands Hospital –


         I have got a Scholar-ship to Monklands Hospital (Glasgow – UK) for a year to participate and learn a lot about laparoscopic surgery especially biliary surgery and common bile duct exploration. This mission was the external part of my M.D Degree 2008-2009.






Thanks for Allah as my God helped me to perform the following operations to some extent feasible, save, skillful manner:


General Surgery:


Minor operations


All minor procedures under local anaesthesia are performed perfectly.

Major and Intermediate operations


  • All types of thyroidectomise (hemithyroidectomy, subtotal, total …)


  • Splenectomy (elective, emergency)
  • Splenectomy with devascularisation for portal hypertension
  • All types of Mastectomy (lumpectomy, simple mastectomy, MRM, ….)
  • Management of all types of Hernia (Inguinal, PUH, Femoral, Incisional, Hiatus Hernia,…)
  • Superficial parotidectomy
  • Sialoadenectomy
  • Cholecystectomy (Laparoscopic, open)
  • CBDE (common bile duct exploration) laparoscopic and open
  • Bypass operation for inoperable cancer head of pancreas, obstructive jaundice
  • Different types of colectomies (left sided, RT sided, Transverse, Sigmoidectomy, Total colectomy)


Emergency Cases


  1. Management of all types of Intestinal obstruction
  2. Management of all accidents and trauma from a surgical point of view
  3. Management of acute abdomen (pre-operative- operative management – follow up)
  4. Management of internal haemorrhage (pre -, intra-operative, post operative)
  5. Management of peritonitis (perforated DU, perforated appendix, perforated typhoid ulcer…….)
  6. Management of all hernia complications (pre-, intra-operative, post operative)
  7. Laparoscopic management of perforated duodenal ulcer
  8. Appendectomy and management of its all complications
  9. Anorectal conditions (piles, fissure, fistula, Pilonidal sinus)


Endoscopic Skills


  1. Diagnostic and therapeutic upper endoscopy.
  2. Diagnostic lower endoscopy.