Study in the Pediatric Nursing Department had started after the establishment of the faculty of Nursing in 1987 .

In November1988   ,registration for  studing Doctoral and Master degrees was started in pediatric nursing since its establishment. The department provided 8Doctoral Degree and17 master degrees in  Pediatric Nursing.. Undergraduate study in pediatric nursing started afterwards in 1993.

Because of the belief of the department teaching staff in the importance of developing health services in the of community.

Registration for master and doctoral degree for those bachelor nursing graduates working outside the faculty of nursing has been established in 26 of march 2013.

Aims of pediatric Nursing Department:


  1. Developing the opportunities of teaching pediatric nursing to prepare adistinguished graduate
  2. Supporting the development of scientific research related to pediatric nursing and the related scientific activities to serve the child and family
  3. Supporting and indulging in quality management system in the faculty