Academic Advising

Rights that can be enjoyed by the student:

  1 - work transportation for subscriptions students residing Foreigmadnah.

  2 - Ambataqat prove personal [college كارنيهات].

  3 - Aataichadat the proof of enrollment.

  4 - Akhalaoualparty for transferring students and alumni.

Rewards academic excellence

    120 pounds per year for emerging superior student in the General Certificate of Secondary Education if of the top thirty on the level of the Republic.
    84 pounds per year for emerging student winning total 80% or more grades in high school.
    120 pounds a year for the winning student to appreciate the excellent transport college exams.
    60 pounds a year for the winning student a very good estimate of Transportation college exams

Convert and transfer system and re-enrollment for students

Transfers are within the limits of the possibilities of each college and with the approval of the Faculty Council Oubmuaqh Professor / Dean authorization from the College Board