Menofia University

The Mufti In The Youth Forum at Menoufia University Next Wednesday.

Menoufia University


Menoufia University hosts the Grand Mufti of Egypt , Dr. AhawkiAllam next Wednesday at 11 am at the conference center in the frame work of the youth forum , where, he will met with youth , faculty staff, personnel , and professors to discuss life and social issues that recently appeared , and speak about the intellectual and religious extremism and its effect , Dr. Shwki will also listen to all questions about Fatwa and various events . the forum held under the auspices of Prof, Dr. Moawad Al Kholy , the rector and Prof, Dr. Abdul RahmanQurman, vice president for community service and Environmental Development , the seminar managed by Dr. Hassan Khatab , vice dean of Faculty of Arts for community service and Environmental Development.