About the department

About the department


First: Head of the Department Council: -  

  Mr. Prof. Khaled Mohamed Amin

Professor, Department of Information Technology Faculty of Computers and Information - Menoufia University


Second: The duties of the department council president: -

1- The head of the department council supervises the scientific, administrative and financial affairs in the department within the limits of the policy drawn up by the college council And the department council in accordance with the provisions of the laws, regulations and decisions in force.

2- After presenting to the department council, the head of the department council submits a report to the dean at the end of each academic year on the department’s scientific affairs Educational, administrative and financial, and that is to be presented to the college or institute council.

3- In the case of the multiplicity of different specializations in the department, the oldest professors in each specialty will be distinguished as a self-entity within the department as Vice President Department Council in the affairs of this specialty. And he manages these affairs under the supervision of the head of the department council and within the limits of the policy that he draws College Council and Department Council, and deliberates on it with the rest of the faculty members in the specialty. In the event that the specialization is devoid of professors Decided removal in the matter of the head of the department council.

Department Council and its terms of reference

First: Formation of the Department Council:

1- The department council consists of all the professors and assistant professors in the department, and five teachers in it at most, who rotate membership in Between them periodically every year without seniority in the position of a teacher, provided that the number of teachers in the council does not exceed the number of the rest of the teaching staff in it.

2- Department council meetings are attended only by the professors when the supervisors are concerned about the employment of professors, and the assistant professors when considering employment affairs.

3- The department council may invite to its meetings whoever teaches the subjects within the department's specialization, provided that he participates in the discussions without having a counted vote.

Second: specializations of the department council: -

The department council is competent to consider all scientific, academic, administrative and financial work related to the department, especially the following issues: -

1. Drawing up the general policy for education and scientific research in the department.

2. Establish a work system for the department and coordinate between the various specializations in the department.

3. Determine the academic courses that he teach and determine their scientific content.

4. Defining books and references in the department's materials, facilitating students' access to them, and supporting the library with them

. 5. Develop and coordinate a research plan and distribute supervision.

6. To suggest appointing, delegating, transferring, loaning and dispatching faculty members to missions, scientific conferences, seminars or seminars And the suggestion of licensing professors to leave for scientific sabbatical.

7. Proposing the distribution of lessons, lectures, scientific exercises, and assignments to and from the department.

8. Proposing to appoint assistant teachers and teaching assistants, delegating them, transferring them, sending them to missions or granting foreigners and giving them academic vacations.

9. Proposing the distribution of examination work and the formation of its committees with regard to the department.

10. Proposal to grant full-time bonuses for postgraduate studies.

11. Proposing the appointment of supervisors for theses, the formation of committees to judge them, and the awarding of master's and doctoral degrees.

12. Discussing the annual report of the head of the department council and the reports of his deputies, and discussing the examination results in the department's articles and recommendations Scientific conferences of the department, college or institute, and evaluation and review of study, examination and scientific research systems in the department And defining it in light of all this and within the framework of scientific and educational progress and the demands and evolving needs of society.

13. Follow up the implementation of the general policy for education and research in the department.