The goals of the computing and bioinformatics program

The Computing and Bioinformatics Program at the Faculty of Computers and Information, Menoufia University, seeks to achieve the following goals:
- Preparing specialized and highly qualified cadres in computing and bioinformatics and its various fields, which include:

Vital computing

Organize biological databases

Drill inside biological data

Application of biological algorithms

Developing new biological algorithms

Analyze and compare biological results

This is to enable the preparation of graduates with a high capacity to compete in local, regional and international institutions in these new specializations.

Providing a high-quality program based on self-education and creative thinking with the application of performance evaluation and quality assurance systems.

Introducing a specialized program in cooperation with specialists in the field from prestigious international universities, which allows the introduction of modern technological specializations and allows students to complete their studies in international universities.

Providing a program based on the internationally known credit hour system, which allows students to study according to their abilities, preferences and interests.

Providing more space for students for practical and laboratory exercises that keep pace with the requirements of the labor market in all state institutions. Highlight and enable scientifically distinguished students to achieve their scientific aspirations