A workshop for the accreditation of the National Authority standards to ensure the quality of teaching and learnin

Published On : 15/11/2016

Within the unity of quality activities of the college under the auspices of Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Gamal El Din - dean of the

Total surgeries during the month of October 2016 hospitals Monofia

Published On : 15/11/2016

Statement of total surgeries during the month of October 2016 hospitals Monofia

A workshop for graduate students

Published On : 15/11/2016

Parasitology Department headed by Prof. Dr. Wafaa elqrsh to Hold Workshop for graduate students and on Wednesday, 1

Symposium on Ultra Long Acting Basal Insuli

Published On : 13/11/2016

Honor and unity of sugar and endocrine invite you to attend a symposium on the Ultra Long Acting Basal Insulin on Sunday

The issuance of the new issue of the Journal of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Menoufia

Published On : 19/01/2016

Advancing the scientific journal sincere congratulations to the researchers issuance of the new number (the number of th

The result of the cumulative total role in November 2014/2015 m installment 28

Published On : 10/01/2016

To see The result of the cumulative total role November 2014/2015 m Batch 28 please go to this following link http://mu.

New in the treatment of kidney stones endoscopic

Published On : 06/01/2016

Has the honor of Urology Department invites you to attend the monthly meeting of scientific (new in the treatment of kid

Upgrade General Surgery Department

Published On : 26/12/2015

Faculty Council agreed during its fourth meeting for the academic year 2015/2016 memorandum Affairs faculty on the appr