Vice-Presidents of Menoufia University

Opening of the Week of Excellence Exhibition



Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Moawad El Khouly, President of Menoufia University, Mr. Adel Mubarak, Vice-President of Menoufia University for Education and Students, and Mr. Abdel Rahman Qorman, Vice President of Menoufia University for Affairs, opened on Sunday 2017/12/10. And the Dean of the Faculties of Environmental Excellence, held at the Faculty of Law. The Faculty of Science participated in an active participation. The exhibition was attended by Prof. Mohammed Tawfiq Shaaban, Dean of the College. Dr. Alaa Al-Nanaa'i, Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environment Development, and Prof. Dr. Magdy Abu Ghazala Department of Physics and Mr. / Magdy Matar Professor of Botany Department and Mr. Emad Nooh, Director General of the Faculty