Vision and Mission Department of Agricultural Extension

vision Department :


Recently popularized spread agricultural extension and become important hesitate on the tongues of all those interested in development as a educational systems distinct aimed Elyahaddat behavioral changes desirable in knowledge, skills and values ​​and attitudes Almstrushdin therefore considers advancement guidance agricultural pushed the wheels of economic development. Given the importance of the extension role in the overall development, the studyguidance and research directed to workers in this area, and also guided agricultural and purpose to enable these proficiency communication audience Agriculture and influence them and to work effectively with them, and then accelerate the transfer, adaptation and dissemination of agricultural technology as a means to develop the rural community


Message Department:


As well as the head of this study to learners agricultural extension It shows them the concept of agricultural productivity, and the importance of the study, and the factors affecting them, and models interpreted them and their relationship to scientific research and extension, and methods of measurement, as well as saw them "social change" in Egyptian society in terms of: concept, causal factors and accelerated, the dynamic effects of social change on the characteristics of the rural population, the role of institutions and organizations in rural social change, agricultural extension and social change, agricultural extension and social change, etc.

The agricultural extension is an intensive study of the role of agricultural extension in the service of society and on but not limited to the role of agricultural extension in the protection of the environment from pollution (Guidance environmental), the role of agricultural extension in the area of ​​reducing losses how fruits and vegetables the role of agricultural extension agricultural in the use and rationalization of the use of lifeAgricultural, role agricultural extension in raising the efficiency of rural women, for example in the field: food and nutrition, storing fruits and vegetables home, and prevention and treatment of poultry from common diseases, as well as the other information concerning leadership administrative agricultural extension, training indicative, transfer, adaptation and adoption of technologyagricultural extension and adult education planning, implementation and evaluation of agricultural extension programs

 As key themes in the academic study agriculture in general, the degree of importance forWorkers in the agricultural extension system in the Arab world in particular