Menofia University

Add dr / Wael Nada to oversee the message student at Soil Science

Municipality councils


College approved the recommendation of the Board of the Department of soil Sciences approve the amendment in the Supervisory Committee of the Student / Doaa Mohammed Abul Fadel. registered to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences Industry "land" cycle in February 2014 added Dr. / Wael Mohamed Nada teacher department to assist in the supervision of the message, based on the approval Supervisory Committee, and become the Supervisory Committee as follows:


Prof Dr / Fawzi  elShazly Abu Ajwa

Prof Dr / Mohammed Samir Iraqi Amira

Prof Dr / Mohamed Hassan Bahnasy

Dr / Wael Mohamed Nada

Alipidologi Professor emeritus faculty

Alipidologi Professor emeritus faculty

Alipidologi professor of the Faculty of Agriculture - Alexandria University