Student Affairs and Education Administration

The word of Prof. Mohamed Zidan Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs My dear sons and daughters Peace, mercy and blessings of God I congratulate you all on the occasion of the new academic year We strive this year, God willing, to pay great attention to student activities in various cultural, social, artistic, sports and mobile fields. The university also seeks to provide the necessary financial capabilities and resources in order to improve the quantity and quality of student activities so that students can express their various talents not only for study but to develop talents and express Students' active and positive energies Student activities are one of the milestones of an integrated strategy for the advancement of the university and one of the most important features of this strategy is to provide an optimal climate for students, whether in educational activities or process, and work to ensure high and continuous growth rates that push the college and university forward year after year through the development of study programs to achieve optimal employment of human resources and capabilities. And materialism that keeps pace with the era between education The university, its outputs and the requirements of the labor market and within the framework of our keenness on continuous development in line with the new changes and developments of the educational process in accordance with quality standards and because we look to the future, we find that we have a lot of work to accomplish and a mission that we must perform each in his position through positive and effective participation, which is the graduation of technical cadres on The highest level of science, skill and behavior, and we also strive for these student activities to play their role in this context. In the end, I wish with all my heart success to the fellow faculty members and the college’s administrative staff and to our children, new and old students, and every year and your civilization are all well.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Student Affairs Organizational Structure:

m name Occupation
1 Wael Saeed Mahmoud Bayoumi Senior Education Researcher (a) Director
2 Safaa Kamal Abu Sunna Senior Education Affairs Clerk (A)
3 Muhammad Muhammad Ibrahim Mady Third Education Researcher (A)
4 walaa  Abu Al-Hadid Al-Kholy Second Education Researcher (A)
5 Elhamy Jalal Abdel Hamid Third Public Relations Specialist (B)
6 Marwa Saeed Mohammed Third Education Researcher (A)
7 Abdul Salam Jamal Abdul Salam Personnel Researcher Third (B)
8 Samia Said Yaqout Third Education Affairs Clerk (C)
9 Mervat Ahmed Abdel Hamid Third Education Researcher (A)
10 Anwar Abdel Khaleq Abdel Fattah Third Social Worker (a)
11 Mustafa Abdel-Aal Mohammed Senior Education Researcher (B)
12 Doaa Ismail Ahmed Third Education Researcher (B)