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27/05/2015 The announcement of the fellowship program (Hubert Humphrey) in higher education administration for the academic year 2016/2017 in the United States of America ~/com/NewsDetails/126242/en
26/05/2015 Seminar at the department of Economics and Public Finance ~/com/NewsDetails/126223/en
25/05/2015 New in neurosurgery in a conference at Menoufia University ~/com/NewsDetails/126243/en
18/05/2015 Master’s Discussion ~/com/NewsDetails/126215/en
14/05/2015 Language Division graduation ceremony in 2015 - Faculty of Commerce, Menoufia University . ~/com/NewsDetails/126212/en
12/05/2015 Board of economy and Public Finance ~/com/NewsDetails/126214/en
11/05/2015 Meeting of the Education Committee and Student Affairs ~/com/NewsDetails/125590/en
11/05/2015 Doctoral and master theses at Economics and Public Finance Department ~/com/NewsDetails/125592/en
10/05/2015 Meeting of Environmental Affairs Committee ~/com/NewsDetails/125583/en
07/05/2015 Congratulation ~/com/NewsDetails/125587/en
13/04/2015 Announcement ~/com/NewsDetails/125209/en
06/04/2015 The result of the second year regular , January 2015 ~/com/NewsDetails/123731/en
06/04/2015 The result of the third year regular , January 2015 ~/com/NewsDetails/123732/en
05/04/2015 Department board of business administration ~/com/NewsDetails/123728/en
05/04/2015 Department board of Accounting ~/com/NewsDetails/123729/en
05/04/2015 Discussing the Master thesis for the student Oregna Ibrahim Mohamed ,student at the Department of Economy and public Finance ~/com/NewsDetails/123730/en
01/04/2015 Honoring ceremony for Mr./SamyKhalifa ~/com/NewsDetails/123622/en
01/04/2015 Exam table of the summer test of the second semester 2014/2015 English division ( First Batch ) ~/com/NewsDetails/123623/en
01/04/2015 Exam table of the Midterm test of the second semester 2014/2015 ( second Batch )English division ~/com/NewsDetails/123624/en
01/04/2015 Fine Art Exhibition at Faculty of Commerce for the academic year 2015 ~/com/NewsDetails/123625/en
26/03/2015 Announcement ~/com/NewsDetails/120855/en
16/03/2015 (New schedules ) of the best15inventions of the Egyptian universities and research institutes, 2015 (after the delay) ~/com/NewsDetails/122226/en
16/03/2015 Applying for applied research Projects for 2015 ~/com/NewsDetails/122227/en
15/03/2015 Programs that proposed to implement during the month of March 2015 , from the International Centre for the Development of the capacities of faculty members and university leadership ~/com/NewsDetails/122228/en
12/03/2015 Scholarship in the United States ~/com/NewsDetails/122229/en
12/03/2015 The Sixth International Conference of Faculty of Pharmacy , Cairo University ~/com/NewsDetails/122231/en
11/03/2015 Scholarships offered by Chinese council for grants for the academic year 2015-2016 to get master degree and doctorate. ~/com/NewsDetails/122233/en
10/03/2015 Increase the number of scholarships from China to Egypt ~/com/NewsDetails/122234/en
08/03/2015 The desire of Foundation for Renewable Materials research , Technology and applications REMTA in Cairo in support of effective scientific communication ~/com/NewsDetails/122187/en
08/03/2015 The eighth Scientific Forum of Pediatrics ~/com/NewsDetails/122237/en
05/03/2015 Inaugurating the 16th Scout Festival for the current academic year at Menoufia University . ~/com/NewsDetails/122239/en
05/03/2015 Workshop : Using radioisotope techniques in detecting and identifying the problems of industrial systems ~/com/NewsDetails/122186/en
05/03/2015 MA and PhD programs in cultural diplomacy ~/com/NewsDetails/122183/en
04/03/2015 The Sixth International Conference of Faculty of Pharmacy , Cairo University ~/com/NewsDetails/122182/en
04/03/2015 Holding the competition of the ideal students ~/com/NewsDetails/120850/en
03/03/2015 Fourth Scientific conference of Ain Shams University ( towards national system for innovation ) April 2015. ~/com/NewsDetails/122179/en
03/03/2015 Workshop : Cognitive Science the fast way for managerial excellence ‘ in Dubai United Arab Emirates ~/com/NewsDetails/122177/en
02/03/2015 Social Entrepreneurship Conference and exhibition for thoughts incubators ~/com/NewsDetails/122240/en
01/03/2015 Department board of accounting ~/com/NewsDetails/120851/en
01/03/2015 Announcement ~/com/NewsDetails/120849/en
18/02/2015 Basics of scientific research in a training course for medical students Menoufia University. ~/com/NewsDetails/120522/en
18/02/2015 Checking patients with diabetes to avoid Eye Complications ~/com/NewsDetails/120519/en
17/02/2015 Al Dahshan: our goal is to obtain accreditation and Literacy and Adult Education ~/com/NewsDetails/120520/en
17/02/2015 The Second International Conference of cooperation between industry and scientific research ~/com/NewsDetails/119418/en
16/02/2015 Developing the tumors Department, Faculty of Medicine and buy the latest system for radiotherapy ~/com/NewsDetails/120503/en
16/02/2015 Prof. Dr. / Mouawad Mohamed Al Kholi: the keenness of dealing with the foreign students in a good way and applying law and regulations as applies to the Egyptian students. ~/com/NewsDetails/120507/en
16/02/2015 Menoufia University condemns the terrorist crime against the Egyptians in Libya ~/com/NewsDetails/120511/en
16/02/2015 Bee Propolis and Bee venom to treat Schistosoma ~/com/NewsDetails/120512/en
15/02/2015 Workshop in Cairo in the field (radiological control). ~/com/NewsDetails/119415/en
09/02/2015 The Lectures Table for fourth year (Economics Division) ~/com/NewsDetails/119178/en
09/02/2015 Timetable of Bachelor for the second semester of the academic year 2014/2015 (Arab Division – Affiliation ) ~/com/NewsDetails/119179/en
09/02/2015 Timetable of Bachelor for the second semester of the academic year 2014/2015 (Arab Division - regularity) ~/com/NewsDetails/119183/en
09/02/2015 Board of Economy and Public Finance Department. ~/com/NewsDetails/119219/en
08/02/2015 Discussing the Master thesis submitted by the researcher / Alia El-Shafei Ali Ghoneim. ~/com/NewsDetails/119165/en
08/02/2015 Board of Department of Accounting ~/com/NewsDetails/119166/en
08/02/2015 Lectures table of the fourth year (business Administration ) (Arabic ) ~/com/NewsDetails/119175/en
08/02/2015 Lectures table of the first year (English section ) in the second semester of the academic year 2015/2014 ~/com/NewsDetails/119177/en
05/02/2015 Pre-master Exam table January 2015, the second opportunity ) 2015 ~/com/NewsDetails/119164/en
04/02/2015 Examinations graduate table (Pre-master) January 2015, the role of the opportunity Altthanih. ~/com/NewsDetails/119160/en
04/02/2015 Exam Table of Pre PhD exams January 2015 the Second opportunity ~/com/NewsDetails/119161/en
15/01/2015 Workshop on "managing and evaluating corporate performance in modern organizations" in Sharm El-Sheikh. ~/com/NewsDetails/118439/en
15/01/2015 Workshop: "radiological environmental awareness for employees of petroleum and industrial facilities" in Dokki, Giza ~/com/NewsDetails/118441/en
15/01/2015 Workshop: use of radioactive and stable isotopes in agricultural and hydrological studies in Dokki, Giza ~/com/NewsDetails/118443/en
14/01/2015 Workshop: Production of radioisotopes and its environmental and industrial applications in Dokki ~/com/NewsDetails/118434/en
14/01/2015 Schedule for holding the scientific seminars for department of Business Administration ~/com/NewsDetails/118406/en
14/01/2015 Important Announcement ~/com/NewsDetails/118408/en
14/01/2015 The Postgraduate Result of May 2014 ~/com/NewsDetails/118409/en
13/01/2015 The end of the first semester table for the academic year 2014/2015 for all study years (Arab Division - English Division ) ~/com/NewsDetails/118405/en
13/01/2015 International Conference on Open Source Software Computing, Jordan ~/com/NewsDetails/118432/en
12/01/2015 The exams table of first semester for the academic year 2014/2015 for the four levels of Open education. ~/com/NewsDetails/118403/en
11/01/2015 Department board of language ~/com/NewsDetails/118399/en
11/01/2015 Faculty of Electronics Engineering Menouf second Egyptian universities in innovation in the 7th apical week at Helwan University ~/com/NewsDetails/118416/en
07/01/2015 Holding the course of (SPSS) statistical analysis ~/com/NewsDetails/118413/en
07/01/2015 Organizing the 17th creative Students Forum 2015 ~/com/NewsDetails/118414/en
06/01/2015 Discussing the master thesis of the student / Mona Frouk Ibrahim Al Iraqy. ~/com/NewsDetails/118400/en
05/01/2015 Registration seminar at the department of Business Administration ~/com/NewsDetails/118398/en
05/01/2015 The eleventh Annual Forum - Kuwait University ~/com/NewsDetails/118411/en
05/01/2015 Competitive Missions ~/com/NewsDetails/118412/en
04/01/2015 The Faculties news on Gomhuria online. ~/com/NewsDetails/118401/en
17/12/2014 A seminar entitled role of the university in the development of environmental awareness and solving the problems of society. ~/com/NewsDetails/117817/en
14/12/2014 Seminar at the Department of Economics and Public Finance ~/com/NewsDetails/117823/en
11/12/2014 Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab Researchers ~/com/NewsDetails/117722/en
10/12/2014 New in the treatment of kidney immune inflammation in a seminar at Faculty of medicine, Menofia University. ~/com/NewsDetails/117727/en
09/12/2014 Addiction and its impact on the individual and the family in the seminar , Faculty of nursing ,Menofia University . ~/com/NewsDetails/117728/en
09/12/2014 Preparing for the first exhibition of Egyptian universities ~/com/NewsDetails/117723/en
09/12/2014 Announcement ~/com/NewsDetails/117824/en
09/12/2014 The Department Board of Economy ~/com/NewsDetails/117822/en
09/12/2014 The table of Postgraduate studies lectures for the academic year 2015/2014. ~/com/NewsDetails/117803/en
09/12/2014 Table of the mid semester exams of the first semester of the academic year 2015/2014 first batch (regularity – enrolled to repeat ) ~/com/NewsDetails/117806/en
08/12/2014 Afifi gets the University Award for Scientific authorship in 2014 ~/com/NewsDetails/117724/en
08/12/2014 Seminar about Egypt's strategy in facing terrorism ~/com/NewsDetails/117735/en
07/12/2014 The exam table of the first semester of the academic year 2015/2014. ~/com/NewsDetails/117800/en
07/12/2014 The exams Table for the mid test for the first semester 2015/2014. ~/com/NewsDetails/117801/en
07/12/2014 The Department Board of accounting ~/com/NewsDetails/117820/en
07/12/2014 The Department Board of Business Administration ~/com/NewsDetails/117821/en
06/12/2014 The Fifth International Arab Conference for Quality Assurance in Higher Education at AL Sharjah University. ~/com/NewsDetails/117726/en
04/12/2014 Grants from the Government of Brunei ~/com/NewsDetails/117725/en
02/12/2014 Eighty-seventh Scientific Conference of the Clinical Egyptian Delta Association ~/com/NewsDetails/117729/en
30/11/2014 invitation ~/com/NewsDetails/117522/en
27/11/2014 Cooperation between Egypt and Romania ~/com/NewsDetails/117545/en
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