Menofia University

New in neurosurgery in a conference at Menoufia University

Menoufia University


The department of Neurosurgery in Faculty of Medicine , Menoufia University organized 1st scientific conference under the auspices of Dr. Moawad Al Kholy , the University President in cooperation with the Egyptian Society for neurosurgery on Thursday 28/5/2015.

Dr. Adel Hanafy , head of Neurosurgery department and the head of the conference pointed out that the conference will discuss through two scientific sessions nearly 16 new research on the new in neurosurgery and the main problems facing surgeons during those surgeries . the conference will also discuss the new in the treatment and surgeries of neurosurgery and spinal fractures and cerebral arteries dilate and modern methods in the treatment of inflammatory of trigeminal Neuralgia.

The head of the conference explained that the conference will lectured by elite of neurosurgery experts from the neurosurgery consultant in Egyptian Universities, with the participation of a large number of surgeons at faculties of Medicine and governmental hospitals and health insurance.