Strategic aims


implementation the faculty evident vision through exisit aware leader interest in building the idea of developing & community and consolidate the strategic plan procedures ( long site – small site).


Moderation the faculty herashical and developing ( achademic – admistration_ technical ) jops and consolidation ethic standards and raising the staff efficeny in educational process .



Saving income &material resourses which putting the active and essential building supporting to educational system and improvement educational &technological environment and moderate achademic  programs matching to stake holders and work market .


Bulding social community and support the sharing between faculty and social sectors and field suppervising supporting educational &research by social problems and developing post graduate and research ( research requirements _ lab _  rooms ) .



Building & herachical systems of evaluating & perforemance revision systems and continuous evaluation for educational activities (internal&external) and creat the title of competition in all faculty contents for arriving ideal performance.