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Menoufia University

Mubarak holds a session of the Community Service Council and praises the success of the first Community Service Week Festival

Department of Media


Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, held the monthly session of the Council for Community Service and Environmental Development "Online", with the participation of Dr. Abdel Rahman El-Bagouri, the university's president's advisor for community service and environmental development affairs, and the deputies of colleges.
Mubarak began the session by thanking everyone who contributed to the organization of the first community service week festival, which was held in the last week of November, which achieved great success and distinguished participation from all faculties, and congratulated the sector on the release of the new issue of the Development and Society Bulletin.
The president of the university informed the members of the reports of the integrated convoys that were organized during the month for the villages of the governorate as part of the presidential initiative for a decent life.
Mubarak discussed the agenda, following up on the decisions of the previous session, taking note of the report on the workshop that took place on the role of puppet theater and curriculum theater in attracting students to schools in support of the educational process according to the repercussions of Corona at the Agricultural School in Ashmoun, and a report on the seminars and activities that were held during the activities of the Service Week Festival. The community in all faculties, discussing the proposal to adopt the Public Service Center for Computers and Information as a center for training and testing the basics of digital transformation certificates, and presenting the issue to the University Council.