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Sector's Vices

Prof.Dr. Abdul Rahman El Bagory

Curriculum Vitae


The gentlemen who held the position of Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development since the University's Establishment :


 Prof. Abdel Hadi Abdel Bari Nasser    The period from 1/5/1989      Until 11/18/1989

Prof. Ali Ahmed Al-Fayoumy               from 01/19/1994                  Until 11/23/1997

Prof. Ibrahim Sedeek Ayoub              from October 15 1998            Until 10/15/2002

Prof. . Sabry Abdel-Latif Mahmoud     from 01/14/2003                    Until 7/31/2005

Prof. Ahmed Hamed Zaghloul            from 1/8/2005                        Until 1/8/2006

Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Maqsoud Ezz Al-Arab   from 1/8/2006            Until 7/31/2007

Prof. Abd Al-Alim Muhammad Al-Derai       from 1/8/2007                Until 7/31/2011

Prof. Dr. Atef Al-Sayed Abu Al-Azm         from January 6, 2012        Until 7/31/2015

 Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sayed Qarman  from December 10, 2015Until 21/8/2019

Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mahmoud Al-Bajouri from 7/30/2020 till now.