Liver transplant unit


Liver transplant unit

Transplant unit

Unit is characterized by a special character within Alqaibda Institute for a national , where it is by liver transplants from living donors only so the donation process is a process of Donate part of the liver which include : -

- Adults : the first attempt for adult liver transplant has late 1991 who donated to a patient District starboard institute.

- Children: first try a liver transplant from a living donor for a child / Ahmed was October 1991, and the situation is No. 73 in the world and the first Republic of Musrarabh and the Middle East also Menoufia University is the first university in Egypt begin an integrated program for liver transplantation , and especially children, in collaboration with Keio University to Japan was the beginning of April 2003

Largest number for children in the Egyptian universities and Tani ten largest number of centers which conducted Zraahalqaibd from a living donor for children as well as smaller liver transplant was carried him and he was six months old .

Total number of cases that have been her liver transplant surgery institute from April 2003 and a comprehensive yet for children and adults is 200 cases and after the biggest total at Egyptian universities.

Average number of transplants per month from 4 to 6 cases.

Cases are prepared technically need the presence of the Japanese expert Professor / Koichi Tanaka , will be attending the Institute for the work of these cases each period ranging from two to three months .

Containing transplant unit 6 rooms and suites liver transplant, they also contain 5 beds .

The patient 's length of stay of intensive care ( 5 days ) Baadalamlah , is then transferred to the liver transplant suite for a period ranging from ten days to three weeks.

Liver transplant is made ​​for children without family to bear any expenses for the cultivation process and follow up on their condition after the procedure , including all the medicines needed by the child .

Is a liver transplant for adults at the lowest cost on the level of Egypt and without distinction between Egyptians and Arabs saluting was performed liver transplants for patients from all of Sudan , Jordan , Syria, Yemen and some Egyptians working abroad .

Announced a unit of liver transplantation for a number of 100 cases of liver transplant without costing the patient any burdens and by contributing to cover the rest of the cost with health insurance, or through a decision of treatment at the expense of the state, and the Egyptian Association for the care of patients with liver is able.

The Liver Transplant Unit at the National Liver Institute , Menoufia University under the auspices of the preparation of all cases of liver transplantation at its headquarters building Institute Baldoraii all days of the week except Friday through private clinic for liver transplant patients .