Directory of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is different from physical property , Intellectual property could be shared without result
This reduces the ability of the owner to use it .
Most of intellectual property laws include: copyrights, patents, brand,
And trade secrets .
College 's commitment to the protection of intellectual property rights and publishing :
Copyright :
First: the college to deal with the principle that ( copyright -renewable) , and college committed to that
By allowing trading within the college to all sources of intellectual property rights saved
( Books and electronic programs , etc. ) and which is located in one of the following images :
* Original Source
* Source after reproduced without revision New print
* Source reproduce after New edition revision
* Source arising from the original source as a result increases the effectiveness of scientific
Original Source
Second: college dealing with legal prosecution is subjected to what she has sources
Mahfouz intellectual property rights to one of the following pictures of the violation :
* Burglary ( piracy)
* Fraud
* Exploitation
Third: The college is committed to the protection of intellectual property rights that are involved with a number of
Faculty members from the holders of intellectual sources who have contracted
With them to produce some of the specifications set by college
First: total respect and deal positively with the principle that ( patent obtained by the inventor
On the work of an unprecedented authentic useful ) , and it is a legal holiday given the patent owner the right to control
Production of his invention and control the use of paid or free of charge for a limited period law
. He also understands that he can not renew the patent.
Second: The College does not endorse nor encourage nor protect patents Alajtraa for individuals to own theories or principles or equations
Or general curriculum or the results of the abstract , the purpose of converting public property to private ownership including impede scientific progress
Third: The College recognizes the owner of the patent right in the legal produce Multi invention without her permission ,
And recognize the legal right to authorize the use of his invention paid or unpaid , without her permission .
Total respect and deal positively with the principle that (brand gives its owner the name or logo
Or expression , design , or any symbol can be used by the trademark owner to differentiate its product from other products )
And Colleges are aware that some products of scientific knowledge ( eg products Albiotknulgi )
Must protect commercial Bmalamat . Therefore Falclah committed to protecting the brands of raw materials
And intermediate and final products produced by individuals from within the college
( If you use inside or outside the college ) or outside ( if you use the faculty