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College of Agriculture aims - Monofia to produce agricultural engineers have theoretical and practical knowledge in various fields of agricultural production, including these graduates can compete in the labor market, both at the local level or at the regional and international level. In line with the requirements of the labor market and the changes in it, and the strategic objectives planned for the college and the specific project continued development and rehabilitation of the adoption, went Faculty of Agriculture - Monofia to design education program Agricultural distinct provides graduate of greater technical skills, professional beside the theoretical knowledge of the various activities agricultural productivity.

The Business Management Program Agricultural debut this cooperation was signed cooperation protocol between the college and Americana Group (International Co. For Agricultural Development) 30/6/2009 to start this program by accepting 20 students first year in addition to boost transition of students from the third year of the academic year 2009 / 2010 to be the first batch of graduates of this program in...