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Menofia University

The staff's requests at Menoufia University about modifying the fundamental system of the Fund

the office of secretary general of the University


The staff at Menoufia University present their requests about the amendment of the Statute of the Fund, which included the following: -

1.the annexation of the special bonuses of the participation fees of the premium 2008 until 2013 as well as all the bonus in the history of annexation.

2. Increase the bonus granted by the Fund in the cases out of the pension or death without any increase of subscriptions of burdens on the members .

3. the maximum age to join the Fund for new members 30 years and who is plus 30 will pay an additional fee in order to accept his participation in the Fund.

4. pay all subscriptions fees in case of resigning from the fund.

5. choose  all the members of the Board of Directors by election.

6. Provide an opportunity for youth in the membership of the Board of Directors.

7- granting loans for members without benefits.


Important Note: - in the case of any other requests from the university staff they have to  submit it to ​​ the office of Prof ,Dr.  / Secretary General and Director of the Fund