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Commodity inventory control

It is competent to come:

Study the assessment of actual needs as well as the calculation of consumption rates for each item in quantity and value in conjunction with the competent technical authorities.
Classification of materials and tasks and numbering of items in accordance with the Standard Arab Classification of Goods Manual and determination of storage levels and minimum and maximum limits for each item.
Conduct inspections, periodic and annual inventories and maintain quantitative and valuable inventory control records.
To prepare the statistics and data necessary to monitor and control commodity stocks, explain the reasons for their stagnation and follow up on the implementation of purchase orders.

Objective control and supervision of the technical aspects of warehouse affairs, preservation of items, identification of stagnant commodity stocks, appliances and tampons for possible use prior to purchase or disposal of new items.
To monitor the application of the Warehouse and Procurement Regulations and the Financial Regulations with regard to the work of the stores and the guarantee of the owners of the Covenant.
Participation in inventory committees and follow-up on the adjustment of increases and deficits shown as a result of the inventory
Compilation of annual inventories at the university level and a total inventory of warehouse assets in the relevant registry and notification to the competent authorities on scheduled dates.

The General Authority for Government Services (PAG) is provided with the aggregate data from the stagnant stock classified and classified in accordance with the classification provided in the Standard Arab Classification Manual, its value and causes of stagnation at the end of the following month at the latest every fiscal year.
Participation and coordination with the various bodies in developing the appropriate plan for the disposal of stagnant stocks.