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The President of Menoufia University visits the students’ hospital.

The President of Menoufia University visits the students’ hospital.

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Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, paid an inspection visit to the Student Hospital to follow up the progress of work in its various units and specialized clinics, accompanied by Dr. Hazem El-Desouky, Director General of the Medical Administration.

Mubarak inspected the outpatient clinics, reception, doctors and nursing housing, and the outpatient pharmacy for dispensing medicines. He also inspected the construction work in the hotel floor that is being worked on, and inspected the equipment and renovations that are being carried out in the hospital to provide medical care at the highest level to all those who frequent the hospital. The president of the university praised the hospital’s work system, the extent of development that has taken place at all levels, the workload that runs regularly in various clinics, the presence of doctors around the clock, and the important role that the hospital plays in facing the Corona crisis, especially during the examination period, the presence of doctors in examination committees, and preparing to confront Any emergency or suspected cases of infection and immediate dealing with it.