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Menoufia University celebrates honoring its Secretary General

Menoufia University celebrates honoring its Secretary General

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Today, Menoufia University organized a grand celebration under the patronage and supervision of Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of the University, to honor the son of one of its loyal sons, the accountant Akram Abdel Dayem, Secretary General of the University, for reaching the legal age and the end of his tenure as Secretary General of the University.

The celebration began with the screening of a documentary film implemented by the University's Media Production Unit on the upbringing and work path of the Secretary-General of the University and the journey of his giving, which lasted for many years, including activities, achievements and many work efforts.

Mubarak extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Secretary-General of the university, whom he knew for many years, starting when he was director of quality projects at the university. The university year, and Mubarak reviewed the period of work that he experienced since taking over the presidency of the university, the work plan that he set since the first day, and the curriculum that he follows. On the level of responsibility and trust, and maintaining the workflow of the administrative body with great ability and distinguished experience, which everyone witnessed and contributed to the continued excellence of the administrative body at the university level.

Mubarak expressed his sadness at the departure of a loyal and honest son from the university for the age of retirement, but he will remain a righteous son from the loyal sons of the university, wishing him success. .

In his speech, which affected the conscience of all the attendees, the accountant Akram Abdel Dayem, Secretary General of the University, thanked all the attendees and everyone who contributed to organizing this ceremony in honor of his job mission in which he held many positions and culminated as Secretary-General, expressing his gratitude and thanks to God Almighty for enabling him to Performing his work and duty until today in a manner that pleases God.

He extended his thanks and gratitude to the former university leaders for what they offered and what they learned from them. They are a good example and example. As for the current leadership of Dr. Adel Mubarak, who is supportive, loving, and jealous of the university and its interests, who gave him the confidence that was supportive of giving, he has all thanks and appreciation, and thanks also to the deputies and deans for the sincere cooperation.

He also addressed his speech to his colleagues in the administrative apparatus and thanked them because they are the real gain he won from his career and they are partners in success, so all thanks and appreciation to the twelve thousand employees of the university.

He concluded his speech by saying: I leave my second home at Menoufia University with peace of mind for what I have achieved and accomplished as one of the loyal and faithful team to the present and future of our prestigious university, and I am confident in the continuation of successes and achievements at the hands of the new leaders.

Dr. Osama Madani, Dean of Arts and Media Adviser to the President of the University, delivered a speech on behalf of the University Council, in which he said: “We came today to offer our dear brother all our thanks, appreciation and gratitude for his sincere effort and unconditional dedication until he became an example of honesty, integrity and assistance, and we knew him to be sincere, honest, and cheerful.” Calm, sedate, fulfilling duty in thick and thin, strong determination, gaining the confidence of his boss, and exchanging respect with respect, so cooperation and harmony were based on trust and respect for regulations and laws, and he was supportive and supportive, standing beside everyone with sincerity and honesty. Menoufia University, and in the end, we will not say goodbye or peace.

The accountant Galal Abdel Salam, head of the central administration of the university president’s office and the assistant secretary general of the university, gave a speech in his name and the name of the administrative body in which he expressed his deep thanks and appreciation to the man of difficult tasks and the wise administrative leader who enriched the administrative work of the university and was a house of experience from which everyone learned and witnessed the achievements and successes that participated At the head of the administrative body team, it will be an unforgettable history, wishing him good health and wellness.

The ceremony, which was presented by Dr. Doaa Al-Shaer, was attended by former university presidents and a large group of members of the House of Representatives and Senate, deans of faculties, captains of doctors, pharmacists and dentists, faculty members, the Board of Directors of the Society of AlMasaaei Almashkora, his family, general managers of all departments and a large group of members of the administrative system, and they all By presenting souvenirs to the Secretary-General in gratitude and appreciation for his distinguished career.