Menofia University

Celebration Children's Day Orphan in the college

Youth Welfare


The ceremony, Dr. Yousef Abdul Aziz Hassanein, "Dean of the College," and Mr. Mohammed Mustafa al-Sayyid, "Professor Emeritus 

Organized by the Faculty of Home Economics today, corresponding to 02/01/2014 Celebration Children's Day Foundation in cooperation with the orphan girls with Chen Koum center. With the participation of 16 children from the institution.

Nutrition and Food Science ", Dr. Islam Abdel Moneim Hussein," Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, "and Mr. Ashraf 

Kholi, "Secretary of the college." In addition to the staff of the Department of Youth Welfare, headed by Professor Jalhoum the guidance of the Director of Administration. 

And the participation of the students of the college teams and different sections 


  The ceremony included a lyrical paragraphs (kids songs DJ), Arjos and brides, work contests and awards, to distribute toys and gifts to the children, provide lunch + Juices for children