Menofia University

the convoys College January 2015

Vice Dean for Community Service


  the sector Organizes community service and development environment altogether convoys during the month of January.

The first convoy

Go to the House of social care for the elderly Shebeen, Monofia and on Wednesday, 20/01/2015.

  The aim of the convoy: -

  1. The role of home economics activities to alleviate the feeling of alienation among the elderly.

2. nutrition and its role in the treatment of diseases of aging.

3. recreational programs for leisure time.

Target group: -

Specialists - the elderly residents of Casablanca and the undecided

The second convoy


Tottaghh to the Red Crescent Society - Shebeen - Monofia and on Wednesday 27/1/2015 under the title "The role of the areas of home economics in health awareness and Almbusah."


The aim of the convoy: -


1. identify the ways and methods of practice preparing meals for the treatment of some common diseases.


2. The development of social communication skills among workers in the medical field.


3. awareness of the role of garments and textiles in the prevention of diseases.


Target group: -


  Based on blood donation - specialists - undecided