Menofia University

College Caravans for the month of March 2015

Vice Dean for Community Service


The initial convoy: -
Go to the wire prep school - the village of wire - Monofia and on Tuesday, 03/03/2015 m.
  The aim of the convoy: -
     The development of life skills and solve psychological problems among adolescents.
     Development of technical and innovative capabilities of the Exploitation of the Environment in ores Beauty home and at school.
     The role of food and nutrition in solving the collection and public health problems.
  Target group
  Students - professionals - teachers and teachers


Caravan II: -

Go to prep school Hosseinieh - Shebeen - Monofia and on Tuesday, 17.03.2015 m

  The aim of the convoy: -

    1-promote the values of belonging among target groups.

    2-student and the student's role in preserving the environment.

   3-develop their creative abilities in the field of nutrition and clothing fabric.

Target group: -

    Students - professionals - teachers and teachers.