"Caligula" play creativity students of computers and information Menoufia University

Public Relations Officer


under the care of:-
Prof. Dr. Adel El-Sayed Mubarak, President of the University
Prof. Nancy Asaad, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs
And under the supervision of: -
Prof. Dr. / Arab El-Sayed Keshk Dean, Faculty of Computers and Information - Menoufia University
Prof. Hatem Sayed Ahmed, Vice-Dean for Education and Student Affairs, attended the meeting
Prof. Osama Abdel-Raouf, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development
Wa / Samia Gamal. Acting Director of Youth Welfare Department
Wa / Asmaa Taha, supervisor of the college technical committee.
Theater directing :-
Director / Mustafa Tawfiq
Assistant Director: -
Ahmed Ismail Al-Wardani

The theater team at the Faculty of Computing, Menoufia University, today, Saturday, 12/14/2029, presented a theatrical show entitled "Caligula" in which the theater team starred and was praised by the jury which includes the able artist / Madiha Hamdy, and the great director / Fahmy El Khouly, Dr. / Mohamed Abdel Moneim, professor of acting Directing at the University of Alexandria, where Madiha Hamdi expressed her admiration for the show and the heroine of the play, stressing that she has a bright future and has to pay attention to the classical Arabic language, and admired the director of the play and its distinction in directing and choosing the difficult novel, as she commented on choosing clothes and lighting, noting that choosing lighting is a good choice And convenient.
After the director and great artist / Fahmy El-Khouly, and the judge of the show, commented that the theater team of the College of Computing presented the novel in a wonderful way, despite the simplicity and lack of available capabilities.
He also praised and expressed Dr. / Mohamed Abdel-Moneim, professor of acting and directing at the University of Alexandria, the court admired the display and the selection of clothes appropriate to the same dramatic theatrical context, lighting and soundtrack. This is within the activities of the University Student Theater Festival in its fifth session
Under supervision
Dr. Muhammad Shaheen, Director General of Youth Welfare at the University.
The play is represented by Mohamed Ayman, Amira Hamdi, Mohamed Dawoud, Ahmed Al-Wardani, Hassan Reda, Karim Jamal, Mohab Saeed, Khuloud Al Hamzawy, Fawzi Jamal, Mahmoud Adel, Karim Majdi, Youssef Mahlis, Muhammad Hajjaj, Youssef Badr, Amira Mahdi, Ahmed Mustafa, Mustafa Muslim, and Muhammad Al-Dafrawi

It was written by Albert Camus, prepared by Mostafa Tawfiq and Mohamed Amin, directed by Mostafa Mohamed Tawfiq, and by Yasser Pansy makeup, designed and executed by Mahmoud El Sobky's clothing.