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20/10/2020 Announcement of the opening of applications for the UNESCO Prize - King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa for the use of information and communication technologies in education for the year 2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138173/en
17/10/2020 Receiving new and old students for the academic year 2020/2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138170/en
15/10/2020 Announcement of the state awards (Nile for Egyptian Creators and Nile for Arab Creators - Appreciation - Excellence) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138171/en
15/10/2020 Announcement of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank launching the service (free editorial and linguistic review of scientific research for Egyptian researchers) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138172/en
15/10/2020 A meeting of the faculty members and the assisting body ~/fci/NewsDetails/138168/en
13/10/2020 A visit to the jury of the five best colleges to receive new and old students for the academic year 2020/2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138169/en
13/10/2020 Announcement of study schedules for all academic teams for the academic year 2020/2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138167/en
06/10/2020 College celebration of Professor / Magda Abdel Aziz Essawi, on reaching the age of retirement ~/fci/NewsDetails/138166/en
04/10/2020 An invitation to attend the thirteenth conference entitled "The Global Perspective for the Development of the Education System (University - General - Technical) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138165/en
27/09/2020 Announcement of post-doctoral scholarships and their places ~/fci/NewsDetails/138163/en
27/09/2020 Announcement of some programs and their places ~/fci/NewsDetails/138164/en
22/09/2020 Announcement of the opening of applications for Chevening Scholarships to study Masters in the United Kingdom 2022/2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138161/en
20/09/2020 College Board meeting ~/fci/NewsDetails/138162/en
15/09/2020 An invitation to attend the twenty-eighth creative student forum 2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138159/en
15/09/2020 Announcement of the Union Prize for Distinguished Scientific Research for the year 2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138160/en
26/08/2020 An invitation to attend the first virtual employment forum over the Internet for students and graduates of Egyptian universities ~/fci/NewsDetails/138157/en
19/08/2020 The College Council convenes ~/fci/NewsDetails/138156/en
05/08/2020 Announcement of the list of programs that are freely available for accounts granted by Microsoft to universities ~/fci/NewsDetails/138153/en
20/07/2020 College Council convened ~/fci/NewsDetails/138151/en
20/07/2020 The dean's follow-up of the examination process ~/fci/NewsDetails/138152/en
07/07/2020 Announcement of university scholarships in Japan for the year 2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138150/en
04/07/2020 Announcement to open the application for the Arab Youth Award 2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138149/en
01/07/2020 Announcement of GCRF and Newton Funds Rapid Response Fund grants to meet COVID-19 grants ~/fci/NewsDetails/138147/en
01/07/2020 Announcement of the cartoon conference entitled "The reality and future of e-learning in higher education institutions in Palestine in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138148/en
26/04/2020 Announcement of the Third International Conference on Sustainable Construction and Project Management ~/fci/NewsDetails/138146/en
21/03/2020 College Council convened ~/fci/NewsDetails/138145/en
09/03/2020 Announcement of the opening of candidacy for a number of prizes on various topics ~/fci/NewsDetails/138142/en
07/03/2020 Holding a workshop entitled "Scientific Publication and International Classifications" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138143/en
07/03/2020 Announcing a competition for all Egyptian youth to design a logo and logo for the national project for talent and the Olympic champion ~/fci/NewsDetails/138144/en
05/03/2020 Celebration of the college by Professor / Amal Abdel Fattah to reach the age of pension ~/fci/NewsDetails/138141/en
27/02/2020 Announcement of the competition on “Media and Promoting Loyalty and Belonging” and “Major National Projects and Outlying Areas Development” ~/fci/NewsDetails/138139/en
27/02/2020 The Fifth Arab Meeting of Directors of Libraries and Information Centers ~/fci/NewsDetails/138140/en
24/02/2020 A general invitation to run for the Kuwait Prize for the year 2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138138/en
19/02/2020 Application for Islamic Bank scholarships for the academic year 2020/2020 has been opened ~/fci/NewsDetails/138137/en
16/02/2020 International conference entitled: "Environmental pollution and risk in developing countries" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138135/en
16/02/2020 The second international conference of the Quality Assurance Center entitled: "The quality of higher education in the Arab world in light of the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138136/en
03/02/2020 Announcement of the Fourteenth International Conference: for digital empowerment and artificial intelligence in education ~/fci/NewsDetails/138133/en
03/02/2020 The seventh conference for young researchers ~/fci/NewsDetails/138134/en
22/01/2020 Knowledge Week to achieve sustainable development in Egypt launched ~/fci/NewsDetails/138127/en
22/01/2020 Announcement of the second international conference of the Quality Assurance Center ~/fci/NewsDetails/138128/en
22/01/2020 Announcement of the annual research competition entitled: Rural handicrafts and their role in sustainable development ~/fci/NewsDetails/138129/en
22/01/2020 Announcement of the Tenth International Arab Conference to ensure the quality of higher education ~/fci/NewsDetails/138130/en
22/01/2020 Announcement of a conference entitled "The Digital World and the Industrial Revolution X.0 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138131/en
22/01/2020 Announcement of the International Conference on Social Sciences and Arts, Business Administration and Education ~/fci/NewsDetails/138132/en
18/01/2020 College Council convened ~/fci/NewsDetails/138124/en
14/01/2020 Announcement of the launch of the Knowledge Week for Egyptian youth ~/fci/NewsDetails/138125/en
13/01/2020 Important announcement for graduate students ~/fci/NewsDetails/138126/en
08/01/2020 The annual conference (the fifteenth Arab - Twelfth International) Qualitative education in Egypt and the Arab world and the requirements of the era of digitization ~/fci/NewsDetails/138123/en
06/01/2020 Announcement of a competition entitled "The role of Egyptian women in strengthening the power of the soft state" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138122/en
30/12/2019 Launching the cultural competition for students of universities and technical institutes ~/fci/NewsDetails/138121/en
30/12/2019 Invitation to attend the conference "Humanities and Social Sciences Environmental Sciences" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138118/en
30/12/2019 An invitation to attend the 18th (18th) Arab International Annual Conference for qualitative education in Egypt and the Arab world and the requirements of the era of digitization ~/fci/NewsDetails/138119/en
28/12/2019 An invitation to attend the 14th International Conference on Digital Empowerment and Artificial Intelligence in Education ~/fci/NewsDetails/138120/en
28/12/2019 The dean of the college inspected the progress of the exam process for the first semester exams 2019/2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138117/en
21/12/2019 College Council convened ~/fci/NewsDetails/138116/en
19/12/2019 Announcement of the convening of the twentieth annual international conference of the Faculty of Law - Mansoura University ~/fci/NewsDetails/138115/en
16/12/2019 Student Union Council meeting ~/fci/NewsDetails/138114/en
15/12/2019 Announcement of the 12th annual international conference of the Arab Center for Education and Development ~/fci/NewsDetails/138111/en
15/12/2019 "Caligula" play creativity students of computers and information Menoufia University ~/fci/NewsDetails/138113/en
14/12/2019 Announcement to open the door for nominations for the awards of the Islamic Capitals and Cities Organization at its eleventh session for the year 1441 AH / 2020AD ~/fci/NewsDetails/138112/en
08/12/2019 Announcement of a workshop entitled "Aspects of Encouragement and Technology Transfer in order to enhance the business environment in Egypt and the establishment of incubators and science parks" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138093/en
04/12/2019 Exam schedule for the first semester 2020/2019 for graduate students ~/fci/NewsDetails/138092/en
03/12/2019 Announcement for the opening of the annual mission plan for the third year 2020/2019 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138091/en
01/12/2019 Announced the launch of the Presidential Program for Qualifying Executives for Leadership (EPLP) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138090/en
30/11/2019 Announcement of the program Arturo Falaschi ICGEB Felloship ~/fci/NewsDetails/138088/en
27/11/2019 Announcement of the Ministry of Higher Education on the site for the survey of students in the competition for the best university to prepare for the academic year ~/fci/NewsDetails/138089/en
27/11/2019 Announcement of the opening of the activities of the fourth conference of the Faculty of Education and the second center of educational excellence ~/fci/NewsDetails/138087/en
21/11/2019 German-Egyptian Short-Term Scholarship (DAAD) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138085/en
20/11/2019 Invitation to attend the 4th Conference and Exhibition of Spatial Data Technologies ~/fci/NewsDetails/138086/en
16/11/2019 The College Council ~/fci/NewsDetails/138084/en
13/11/2019 Elections for the selection of the President of the Union and Vice President of the Union ~/fci/NewsDetails/138083/en
12/11/2019 Elections of Secretary and Assistant Secretary ~/fci/NewsDetails/138082/en
11/11/2019 An invitation to attend the second conference entitled "Sustainable Green Roads Industry in Egypt" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138081/en
07/11/2019 Student Union Elections ~/fci/NewsDetails/138076/en
07/11/2019 Announcement of the Dr. Makram Mehanna Competition for Scientific Innovation in the Life Sciences 2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138078/en
07/11/2019 Announcement of the International Prize for Young Scientists 2020 in the fields of man and the biosphere ~/fci/NewsDetails/138079/en
07/11/2019 Announcement of the unification of the name of the university in English ~/fci/NewsDetails/138080/en
04/11/2019 Application for Fulbright Junior Faculty Development Program is open ~/fci/NewsDetails/138075/en
03/11/2019 Announcement of a competition in the conservation and interpretation of the forty nuclear talks among students of university colleges ~/fci/NewsDetails/138077/en
02/11/2019 Open the door for nominations for the best application or project in the field of information technology ~/fci/NewsDetails/138074/en
30/10/2019 Open the door for nomination and withdraw and submit forms for student union elections for the academic year 2020/2019 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138073/en
29/10/2019 Invitation to participate in the Fifth International Conference of Arab Influence Factories ~/fci/NewsDetails/137071/en
29/10/2019 Announcement of the job of "Cultural Counselor" in offices and cultural centers abroad ~/fci/NewsDetails/137073/en
29/10/2019 Announcement to open the door for candidacy for student union elections for the academic year 2020/2019 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138071/en
23/10/2019 Announcement of the 2019 OIC Comestic Awards ~/fci/NewsDetails/137067/en
23/10/2019 Announcement of the King Faisal Prize for Islamic Studies in 1442 AH / 2021 AD ~/fci/NewsDetails/137068/en
21/10/2019 Seminar titled "4th generation wars and spread of rumors" ~/fci/NewsDetails/137069/en
19/10/2019 The College Council ~/fci/NewsDetails/137070/en
15/10/2019 The activities of the Arab software competition at the university level, Faculty of Computing and Information, Menoufia University ~/fci/NewsDetails/138072/en
07/10/2019 UNESCO / Japan (Keizo Abuchi) fellowship program for young researchers 2019 ~/fci/NewsDetails/137064/en
07/10/2019 Invitation to attend the conference of the EU Higher Education Program + Erasmus ~/fci/NewsDetails/137065/en
07/10/2019 Announcement of a training program "Using the Egyptian Knowledge Bank" ~/fci/NewsDetails/137066/en
03/10/2019 nvitation to attend the Fourth International Environmental Forum entitled "Green Environment and Sustainable Development" ~/fci/NewsDetails/137063/en
21/09/2019 Announced two workshops to upgrade the system of digital transformation and technological development in government institutions ~/fci/NewsDetails/137059/en
21/09/2019 Invitation to attend a scientific forum entitled "Indicators of Arab production and scientific research and scientific in the digital transformations of Arab university education" ~/fci/NewsDetails/137060/en
21/09/2019 Announcement of the 6th Cairo International Innovation Exhibition ~/fci/NewsDetails/137061/en
21/09/2019 The College Council ~/fci/NewsDetails/137062/en
18/09/2019 Announcement of the 2nd Exhibition and Conference for Innovation "South Innovators 2" ~/fci/NewsDetails/137058/en
17/09/2019 Announcement of a training program entitled "Creation of a globalization workforce in higher education" ~/fci/NewsDetails/137056/en
17/09/2019 Calling Egyptian researchers from home and abroad to apply in Bridges Development Program ~/fci/NewsDetails/137057/en
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