The rules for sick excuses

The rules for sick excuses


(1) The student submits the sick excuse during or after the exams for a period not exceeding two days, supported by the sick certificates necessary to present the student to the medical committee to decide whether or not the excuse is approved

(2) It is not permissible to accept satisfactory excuses two days after the end of the exam dates for the end of the year in any case

(3) In the event that the student suffers a disease while taking the exams, his apology for taking the subject exam can be accepted after calling the medical administration doctor, the medical supervisor of the examination committee, to examine the student and help him and recommend his ability to complete the exam or not

(4) It is not permissible to approve the sick certificates sent by students who are abroad unless those certificates were issued by a hospital and authenticated by the competent authorities.

(5) Summoning for military service or reserve may be considered unsatisfactory excuses if the summons is made directly before or during the exam.