Announcement of conferences and events organized by the Technical College “Mihailo Boyn” Zrenjanin at the University of Novi Sad - Vojvodina Province, Republic of Serbia

Cultural Relations Department


The General Administration of Cultural Relations announces the management of conventions and conferences, according to what was mentioned in the letter of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which includes what was received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the desire of the Technical College “Mihailo Boyn” Zrinjanin at the University of Novi Sad - Vojvodina Province in the Republic of Serbia In the participation of Egyptian academics in the upcoming conferences organized by the college in 2021 and include - The International Conference on Information Technology and Education Development ITRO, and information about it is available at the following link:- http://www.tfzr.rs/itro/index.htmi 2- The International Conference on Textile Sciences and Economics. Additional information is available at the following link: http://www.tfzr.rs/ktnp 3- The International Conference on “Industrial Engineering and Environmental Protection” at the following link: http://www.tfzr.rs/itro/index.php