Stay for God Professor / Mona Abu Al-Majd

Public Relations Officer


With sincere sadness and sorrow, and with hearts satisfied with the decree of God and his destiny, Prof.Dr. Hatem Mohamed Sayed Ahmed, Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Information - Menoufia University, and gentlemen of the faculty, faculty members, the assistant staff, the professor / the Secretary of the faculty, and the directors of the departments And all the faculty’s employees in the death of the virtuous colleague, Professor Mona Abul-Magd, Director of the Graduate Studies Department at the faculty, and the campus of Mr. Dr. Mahmoud Owaida, former Dean of the Faculty of Science and Emeritus Professor in the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Menoufia University They prayed to the Almighty and Exalted be He to shower her with the vastness of His mercy and to inspire her family with patience and solace.