A symposium entitled “Green Economy: Implications and Applications”

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under the care of :- Mr. Dr. Ahmed Al-Qasid, President of Menoufia University Mrs. Dr. Sobhi Sharaf, Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs Under supervision :- Mr. Dr. Hatem Mohamed Sayed Ahmed, Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information - Menoufia University Ms. Dr. Sherif Al-Atarbi, Vice Dean of the College for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs 🌍 A green economy is an economy that leads to improving human well-being and reducing inequality in the long term, in addition to being a model of economic development based on sustainable development and knowledge of environmental economics 🌍 In light of this, a symposium was held today, Wednesday, 11/29/2023 Titled “Green Economy: Contents and Applications,” within the launch of the activities of the Community Service and Environmental Development Week Festival And who delivered it: Mr. Prof. Dr. Hatem Mohamed Sayed Ahmed Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information - Menoufia University Where His Excellency spoke about: 🟢 The green economy is a means to achieve sustainable development, as there is an interconnection between the economic dimension and the environmental dimension of sustainable development, as well as the social dimension. 🟢 The green economy is based on a number of sectors for transformation (renewable energy, water management, waste management, agricultural management “sustainable agriculture”). 🟢 The green economy focuses on achieving sustainable development by preserving the environment, reducing harmful environmental impacts, and reducing the possibility of future generations being exposed to the risks of environmental systems deterioration by adopting projects concerned with sustainability, such as clean production, renewable energy, rational consumption, organic agriculture, and waste recycling while reducing emissions. Harmful gases (carbon) 🟢 The concept of the blue economy, which is based on sustainable growth in sectors related to the oceans and marine resources, with the aim of achieving sustainable uses of the oceans through sustainable practices such as fishing, marine tourism, and renewable energy from the seas, which helps achieve a balance between economic benefit and preserving the marine environment. From here we conclude that: “The green economy focuses on the environment and the blue economy focuses on marine resources and their sustainability.” This was in the presence of: - Mr. Prof. Dr. Hamdi Moussa, Vice Dean of the College for Education and Student Affairs Professor/General Director of the College Gentlemen, directors of college departments and all college employees.