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16/05/2018 The President of the University of Menoufia and the Dean of the Faculty inspected the committees of the postgraduate and undergraduate examinations ~/sci/NewsDetails/128729/en
13/05/2018 College Council Meeting ~/sci/NewsDetails/128728/en
10/05/2018 The Dean of the College and the Vice Dean for Education Affairs and Students inspected the committees of the exams for the second semester 2017/2018 ~/sci/NewsDetails/128727/en
03/05/2018 Announcement of the position of Director of Petroleum Research Institute ~/sci/NewsDetails/128726/en
24/04/2018 Holding a workshop entitled "Scientific Impersonation and Quotation" ~/sci/NewsDetails/128725/en
18/04/2018 College Council Meeting ~/sci/NewsDetails/128724/en
17/04/2018 Announcement of a play entitled "Isabel and three boats and charlatans" ~/sci/NewsDetails/128722/en
17/04/2018 Survival to God by Professor / Dr. Hassan Aliwa ~/sci/NewsDetails/128723/en
12/04/2018 The student / Abdullah Safwat and the student / Yasmin Rizk won the information competition ~/sci/NewsDetails/128719/en
11/04/2018 Holding a scientific symposium entitled "The importance of investment in scientific research to achieve economic development in Egypt" ~/sci/NewsDetails/128720/en
11/04/2018 The participation of the dean of the faculty and members of the faculty to celebrate with the chemistry club ~/sci/NewsDetails/128721/en
05/04/2018 Celebrating Orphan Day ~/sci/NewsDetails/128717/en
05/04/2018 Khaled Al Sayed Hamouda wins the chess competition ~/sci/NewsDetails/128718/en
01/04/2018 Reception of our beloved Faculty of Science Shahid Mustafa Fawzi Zainuddin School "Experimental former" ~/sci/NewsDetails/128716/en
20/03/2018 The opening of the charity food fair ~/sci/NewsDetails/128714/en
20/03/2018 Holding a scientific symposium entitled "How to preserve drinking water" ~/sci/NewsDetails/128715/en
19/03/2018 Ministerial Decision to Amend the Rules of Procedure of the Faculty of Science for the Bachelor's Degree - Postgraduate Studies ~/sci/NewsDetails/128713/en
18/03/2018 College Council Meeting ~/sci/NewsDetails/128712/en
11/03/2018 Congratulations to students of idealists ~/sci/NewsDetails/128711/en
06/03/2018 Establishing the first scientific conference of the Egyptian Science Month ~/sci/NewsDetails/128710/en
27/02/2018 the Faculty of Science received School of excellence in science and technology ~/sci/NewsDetails/128709/en
14/02/2018 College Council Meeting ~/sci/NewsDetails/128708/en
13/02/2018 The establishment of the annual exhibition of the family of Inception ~/sci/NewsDetails/128707/en
12/02/2018 Reception of the Dean of the school Shahid Abdul Rahman Al Deeb ~/sci/NewsDetails/128705/en
12/02/2018 Distribute joy ~/sci/NewsDetails/128706/en
11/02/2018 Faculty of Science recieved Hussein Ghorab Primary School ~/sci/NewsDetails/128704/en
07/02/2018 The participation of Prof. Dr. / Dean of the College and the agents at the start of the second semester ~/sci/NewsDetails/128703/en
06/02/2018 A friendly meeting between the dean of the faculty and the agents and members of the faculty ~/sci/NewsDetails/128702/en
05/02/2018 Parental meeting between the Dean of the College, his daughters and his students ~/sci/NewsDetails/128700/en
04/02/2018 A meeting between the dean of the faculty and its departments and staff ~/sci/NewsDetails/128701/en
29/01/2018 In the Faculty of Sciences of the tests of drinking water and sanitation ~/sci/NewsDetails/128699/en
24/01/2018 Geology Department conducts a scientific trip to the Red Sea ~/sci/NewsDetails/128698/en
21/01/2018 Important announcement about the scientific convoy ~/sci/NewsDetails/128697/en
21/01/2018 To stay with Mr. / Saber Saqr ~/sci/NewsDetails/128695/en
17/01/2018 Follow-up of Mr. / Dean of the College for the first semester exams 2017/2018 ~/sci/NewsDetails/128696/en
16/01/2018 College Council Meeting ~/sci/NewsDetails/128694/en
28/12/2017 To stay for Mr. Dr. Anwar Hegazy ~/sci/NewsDetails/128692/en
27/12/2017 The meeting of Mr. / Dean of the College and Mr. / Dean of the Faculty of Education and Students in the Student Union ~/sci/NewsDetails/128691/en
17/12/2017 The presence of Mr. Dr. / Dean of the College and Mr. / Dr. / Vice-Dean for the affairs of education and students Theatrical presentation entitled "Abelis" ~/sci/NewsDetails/128690/en
17/12/2017 Meeting of the Standing Scientific Committee for the Promotion of Professors and Associate Professors in Geology ~/sci/NewsDetails/128693/en
13/12/2017 Results of the student union elections ~/sci/NewsDetails/128688/en
12/12/2017 College Council Meeting ~/sci/NewsDetails/128687/en
10/12/2017 Opening of the Week of Excellence Exhibition ~/sci/NewsDetails/128686/en
10/12/2017 Participation of the Faculty of Science in the vigil against the decision of US President Trump ~/sci/NewsDetails/128684/en
27/11/2017 The activities of the first aid skills course using modern technology in cooperation with the General Service Center Faculty of Science and Public Service Center Nursing College ~/sci/NewsDetails/128682/en
23/11/2017 The Faculty of Science receives Al Masaie Private School ~/sci/NewsDetails/128680/en
22/11/2017 Announcement of a competition in social research at the university level for the academic year 2017/2018 ~/sci/NewsDetails/128678/en
21/11/2017 Reception of Faculty of Science Qwaisna Distinguished Language School and Salah Khatab Preparatory School ~/sci/NewsDetails/128679/en
20/11/2017 Celebrate the Syndicate of Scientific Professions in Menoufia by honoring the first students and masters and PhD students from the Faculty of Science, Computers and Information ~/sci/NewsDetails/128681/en
13/11/2017 Faculty of Science recieved Students of Qweisna Official Language School ~/sci/NewsDetails/128677/en
26/10/2017 Meeting of the dean of the faculty of the Basic Sciences Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities ~/sci/NewsDetails/128674/en
24/10/2017 Visit Tlwana Secondary School for Boys to our College of Science ~/sci/NewsDetails/128672/en
23/10/2017 The opening of a scientific exhibition entitled Fighting Cancer ~/sci/NewsDetails/128673/en
17/10/2017 Announcement of the opening of the application for participation in the Alumni Day ~/sci/NewsDetails/128671/en
12/10/2017 Announcement of a lecture on mineral wealth in Egypt ~/sci/NewsDetails/128670/en
20/09/2017 A meeting with the College of Graduate Studies with new students ~/sci/NewsDetails/128666/en
19/09/2017 In the light of the start of the new academic year: Meeting with Mr. / Dean of the faculty students of the Faculty of Science ~/sci/NewsDetails/128665/en
18/09/2017 Announcement of employment forum Faculty of Science - University of Menoufia ~/sci/NewsDetails/128663/en
18/09/2017 A radio talk to the Dean ~/sci/NewsDetails/128664/en
17/09/2017 Reception of Dean of the College for new students for the new academic year 2017/2018 ~/sci/NewsDetails/128662/en
14/09/2017 As a supervisor of the College of Science for the University Youth Week impressed everyone ~/sci/NewsDetails/128661/en
13/09/2017 Within the preparations of the Faculty of Science to receive the new academic year 2017/2018 ~/sci/NewsDetails/128660/en
12/09/2017 College Council Meeting ~/sci/NewsDetails/128658/en
11/09/2017 Reception of the College of Science Week of the 11th university youth and the new academic year 2017/2018 and our children new students and old and expatriates ~/sci/NewsDetails/128659/en
07/09/2017 In preparation for the reception of the University Youth Week,new students and the new year ~/sci/NewsDetails/128657/en
30/08/2017 Congratulation of Mr. Dr. Mohamed Tawfiq Dean of the Faculty of Science on the occasion of Eid al - Adha God bless you and blessings ~/sci/NewsDetails/128656/en
07/12/2016 The annual feast of the graduates of the College of Sciences ceremony - Monofia ~/sci/NewsDetails/127600/en
07/11/2016 Declaration is important for members of a special faculty Second International Conference of the Association of pathological biochemistry and hematology ~/sci/NewsDetails/127598/en
17/10/2016 Survival to God ~/sci/NewsDetails/127597/en
12/10/2016 Congratulations to Dr / Mervat Zayed ~/sci/NewsDetails/127596/en
11/10/2016 Announce the students who wish to participate in the ceremony graduates ~/sci/NewsDetails/127594/en
11/10/2016 Announcement of sports competitions sponsored youth ~/sci/NewsDetails/127595/en
03/10/2016 Events management and quality unit for a seminar entitled "quality objectives and its importance in the educational process." ~/sci/NewsDetails/127592/en
25/09/2016 Announcement of a seminar on quality objectives and importance ~/sci/NewsDetails/127591/en
21/09/2016 Announce the the college needed for the position of director of some units ~/sci/NewsDetails/127590/en
06/09/2016 Congratulations from the Dean of the Faculty of Science ~/sci/NewsDetails/127589/en
04/09/2016 Congratulations to Prof. Dr. / Hamdallah Wanes ~/sci/NewsDetails/127587/en
04/09/2016 Announce the PhD thesis of researcher / Dina Ahmed Mndoh Sayed Toulan ~/sci/NewsDetails/127588/en
23/08/2016 Announcement of the Faculty of Science Library for first place ~/sci/NewsDetails/127586/en
09/08/2016 Announcement of a Master of the student / Mai Ezz El Din Saad Abdul Raouf ~/sci/NewsDetails/127585/en
02/08/2016 Announcement of a Master student / Hany Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Rahim ~/sci/NewsDetails/127583/en
02/08/2016 Announcement of a Master of the student / Ibtisam Ahmed Mohamed Abdeln Aziz ~/sci/NewsDetails/127584/en
27/07/2016 Announcement discuss doctoral thesis / Rabab Mahmoud Hadi Abdul Azim ~/sci/NewsDetails/127582/en
20/07/2016 Announcement of a Master of the student / Eman Labib Ahmed Shehata ~/sci/NewsDetails/127581/en
12/07/2016 Announce discuss a PhD student / Ahmed Mohammed Alawi ~/sci/NewsDetails/127580/en
07/06/2016 Congratulation ~/sci/NewsDetails/127579/en
31/05/2016 Announcement of a Master of the student / Nancy Ibrahim Sayed Wahba ~/sci/NewsDetails/127573/en
29/05/2016 Announcement discuss the doctoral thesis of researcher / Osama Ahmed Shaaban Tawab ~/sci/NewsDetails/127572/en
23/05/2016 Announcement of a Master of the student / Rasha Adel Abu Al Fath Shata ~/sci/NewsDetails/127571/en
16/05/2016 Announcement of a Master of the student / Wafaa Mohammed Abdul Ghaffar Salama ~/sci/NewsDetails/127570/en
15/05/2016 Congratulation ~/sci/NewsDetails/127569/en
15/05/2016 Recording student / Saeed Mohammed Afifi Abdel Saboor a Ph.D. ~/sci/NewsDetails/127574/en
15/05/2016 Recording Student / Mai Saeed Abdo Miz a Ph.D ~/sci/NewsDetails/127575/en
15/05/2016 Recording Student / Fathi Osama Fathi Mustafa Bassiouni Master ~/sci/NewsDetails/127576/en
15/05/2016 Recording Student / Marwa Sami Abdel Hamid Amara master ~/sci/NewsDetails/127577/en
15/05/2016 Recording Student / Amira Abdel Fattah Salama Abdel Fattah Master ~/sci/NewsDetails/127578/en
08/05/2016 Announcement of a Master of the student / Shaima Abdul Badi Ahmed Salim ~/sci/NewsDetails/127567/en
08/05/2016 Congratulation ~/sci/NewsDetails/127568/en
03/05/2016 Announce a Master of the student / Hana Reda Zaki Mousa ~/sci/NewsDetails/127565/en
03/05/2016 Announcement of a Master of the student / Iman Adel Abdul-Rahman Hamd ~/sci/NewsDetails/127566/en
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