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15/04/2022 The results of the Ramadan tournament matches for male and female students of Menoufia University and a strong struggle in the quarter-finals ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/142750/en
09/04/2022 Dedicating the Robotics Shield to Prof. Dr. Nancy Asaad ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/142745/en
13/10/2021 Menoufia University wins the preliminary qualifiers for the University Genius Program for the fourth season ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/142500/en
25/08/2021 Menoufia University students visit the Al-Azhar Observatory for electronic fatwas in the sheikhdom of Al-Azhar ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/140461/en
23/08/2021 President of The University of Menoufia on a visit to the university hospital to follow up on the condition of the injured and confirms the presence of psychiatrists to help them ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/140459/en
23/08/2021 The President of Menoufia University chairs the Supreme Committee to supervise the vaccination against the Corona virus for faculty members, workers and students ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/140458/en
23/08/2021 The launch of Electronic waste recycling project ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/140460/en
18/08/2021 Mubarak follows up construction work at Menoufia University ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/140452/en
08/08/2021 On the second day of the abilities tests for high school students. President of The University of Menoufia inspects the tests of the Faculty of Mass Communications ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/140453/en
03/08/2021 Conclusive ceremony of student activities and inauguration of the University Union for the Academic Year 2020/2021 ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/140454/en
30/07/2021 Menoufia University raises the slogan of excellence and creativity and wins awards in the (Ebdaa 9)_one of the largest competitions in the Arab world ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/140455/en
28/07/2021 Mubarak holds a session of the Board of Directors of the Public Service Center and delivers Al Bagouri the gift of the center ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/140456/en
16/06/2021 President of The University of Menoufia inspects the progress of the work at the headquarters of the mobile teams to receive the Corona vaccine at the Information Center. ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/140419/en
06/04/2021 The Faculty of Arts is organizing a talent festival to mark the International Day of la Francophonie ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/139298/en
06/04/2021 Vice-President of the University of Education and Students of Menoufia, participating in the 26th meeting to exchange training presentations for students of Arab universities in Tanta ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/139286/en
31/03/2021 The rector of the University of Menoufia is checking out the renovations of the University Sports Stadium ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/139301/en
11/03/2021 Important announcement ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/139260/en
25/02/2021 Menoufia University Council's decision regarding the general precautionary measures for the first semester examination ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/139231/en
02/02/2021 Faculty of Agriculture organizes Indicative workshops for students online ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/137181/en
26/01/2021 Menoufia National University, in Toukh Tanbasha ... A new achievement is achieved. ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/137184/en
22/01/2021 First Activity On-Line Festival of Students from the University of Menoufia ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/137154/en
19/01/2021 Youth welfare at the University of Menoufia is organizing a chess - on- line competition. ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/137155/en
08/01/2021 The Arbitration Commission commends the theatrical presentation of the University of Menoufia ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/137156/en
07/01/2021 Artist Samira Abdul Aziz is seeing the theatrical presentation of the students of the University of Menoufia in preparation for Ebdaa 9 ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/137157/en
31/12/2020 The competition for scientific innovations concluded at the level of faculties of Menoufia University and qualified for the Festival of Creativity 9 ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/137158/en
30/12/2020 Mubarak holds the University Council session in December 2020 and confirms the completion of preparations for the first semester exams ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/137159/en
06/07/2020 Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of the University, followed the regularity of the exams. ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/134997/en
06/07/2020 The Rector Follow up the latest updates of Corona Virus crisis. ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/134996/en
05/07/2020 Mubarak following up the work of the Facilities Committee of Menoufia University ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/135000/en
04/07/2020 Regularity and calm prevail the second semester exams at Menoufia University . ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/135001/en
25/07/2014 Happy Eid Mubarak ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/111871/en
24/07/2014 The start of open education exams the partnership system. ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/111870/en
24/07/2014 Starting in accepting new batch of the Open Education students ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/111869/en
05/06/2014 Continuation of exams on Sunday, 8/6/2014 ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/108765/en
15/05/2014 The exam table of the second semester for the academic year 2013/2014. ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/106267/en
12/05/2014 Al Kholi's participation in the 20th forum post to train Arab students. ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/105097/en
17/04/2014 The exam table of Faculty of Law ( the English Section ) for the second semester of the academic year ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/104472/en
17/04/2014 Menoufia University Celebrations of the liberation of Sinai ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/104461/en
16/04/2014 The exam table of the second semester for Faculty of Nursing for the academic year 2013/2014. ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/104446/en
15/04/2014 Bring forward the Human Rights subject for its synchronization with the date of the presidential election ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/104443/en
13/04/2014 The Student participation in a first aid course ~/educ/educ/NewsDetails/104441/en
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