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Menoufia University publishes the first research results in nanotechnology applications in animal production

Menoufia University publishes the first research results in nanotechnology applications in animal production

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Menoufia University published the first research recommendations on nanotechnology applications, which the state called for toward strategic development reforms 2030 under the guidance of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, who called for linking universities to the scientific and technological research academy to find practical solutions to the problems of Egyptian society and push for development. The University of Menoufia has contributed to providing all research methods to researchers in several fields of research in various faculties and their volunteering to serve the community under the auspices of the University's President, Dr. Adel Mubarak.

The researcher Amr Mahmoud Hassan, researcher in the Poultry and Fish Production Department at the Faculty of Agriculture, Menoufia University, and in cooperation with the academic scientific research and technology and the agricultural research center, applied nanotechnology in the field of animal and poultry production under the title” Using nanosenium in the white pathways to improve production performance, egg quality, and chicken immunoassay", which analyzed the effect of nanoparticles on production and immune performance, oxidant resistance, and seelinium deposition in white chicken mills at the Faculty of Agriculture Laboratory of Menoufiya University and Agricultural Research Center. The study showed many positive results when nanotechnology is used productively, physiologically, and progigencidgeologically, which will change the shape of its industry, which will supplement food and veterinary requirements for poultry in the near future and help increase productivity, increase export, and reduce imports from animal production. The study is the first of its kind in the poultry and fish production department in the faculty of agriculture , Menoufia University in the application of nanotechnology.

Dr. Abdul Moneim Abdul Halim Al Feky, Phyology Professor Emeritus, Poultry Production and Fish Department, Menoufia Agriculture Department, Dr. Goda Mohamed Gibril, Poultry Education Professor Emeritus, Poultry Production and Fish Department, Faculty of Agriculture follow up on research activities and recommendation to publish results,

Dr. Gamal Abdul Sattar Zanati, full-time poultry nutrition professor, poultry production and fish production department, and Dr. Adel Ibrahim Atia, poultry nutrition professor, poultry department Zagazig University. Dr. Salwa Mahmoud Salem Seyam Professor and Head of Poultry physiology Research Department Poultry Education Research Institute of Animal Production Research Center of Agricultural Research, Dr. Iman Metwali Abu Eliwa Assistant Poultry Education Department of Poultry Production and Fish with Menoufia Agriculture.