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Developing and evaluating performance to ensure quality

Spreading the culture of quality in university performance in all faculties of the university, its institutes and its various units, and creating a spirit of positive contrast in order to develop.

Providing technical support to the colleges and institutes of the university and its administrative units with regard to the establishment and continuity of internal systems to ensure their own quality and qualify them to apply for accreditation.

Implementing quality policies, plans and projects, and holding conferences, seminars and workshops dealing with special issues of quality assurance in the field of higher education.

Ensure the implementation of quality requirements in the university's work systems and its various units and achieve the highest specifications in the services it performs, whether educational, research, or community service and the surrounding environment, in order to support its center and achieve the university's goals and plans.

Create an integrated database and files for all study programs and courses.

Developing the performance of the various colleges and institutes of the university for its programs and regulations to bring its graduates to a distinguished level among the graduates of colleges and institutes in other universities and the corresponding ones.

Creating communication channels with national and international bodies that are concerned with quality assurance and assessment in university education, in order to exchange experience in a way that develops the educational process.
     Establishing databases on quality centers, whether at the local, regional or global level, and linking the center to those universities and quality centers with them.
     Preparing periodic reports on the quality achieved and presenting them to the university president.


Department Director: Mr. Ahmed Saleh


     Mrs. Suha Safwat
     Mr. / Mohamed Abdel Qader