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Translation Department

Participate in translating university booklets and brochures on the systems and methods used in foreign universities.

Translation of seminars, conferences and meetings held by the university for foreign delegations and foreign university professors.

Participate in translation work required for research. Participation in external conferences.

Work to provide technical assistance in the field of translation to the units and departments of the university.

Translation of the agreements referred to it from the agreements concluded between the university and foreign bodies and universities.

Translation of academic degrees for masters and doctoral degrees for foreign recipients.

Translation of foreign language experience certificates for university staff.

To carry out other similar work.
Translation of the  Rector's resolutions , and letters on missions to different parties.

Director of the Department: Mrs. Magda Aboul Gheit

Department staff


Miss. Mai Al-Shishni

Mr / Mohammed Abd Rabbo

Mr. / Mohamed Abdel Fattah

Mr. Ahmed Mohi


Telefax: 0482222170