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Advisors Management

A statement of the most important achievements of the Department of the Advisers of the . University President.

The Advisors Department is a department affiliated to the University President's office   and is located in the first floor at the top next to the office of the Secretary General  of the University.

First: Director of the Advisors Secretarial Department

1- Preparing the topic transferred from the President of the University and presenting them to the advisors, each in his specializations, and taking measures to implement its decisions.

Follow-up to all secretarial work of the advisers within their specialization.

Supervision of the registration work in the books and records required by the nature of the work.

4--- moderate saving to files and keep track of the movement of different files.

5. Supervise the writing, copying .

6 – preparing the notes for the administration of the secretaries of the Messrs. Advisors each in the abbreviation.